Comparison Between Jane Eyre And Bertha Mason From Jane Eyre

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“I bent forward: first surprise, then bewilderment, came over me…this was not Sophie, it was not Leah …The shape standing before me had never crossed my eyes within the precincts of Thornfield Hall before…Its seemed, sir, a woman, tall and large…It was a discoloured face—it was a savage face. I wish I could forget the roll of the red eyes…the lips were swelled and dark…Shall I tell you of what it reminded me? ...the vampire.” If a person were to read this quote for the first time, his instinct would be of a stereotypical mystery or even horror book. But in fact, this comes from Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte, with a plot nothing like what one might think from this passage. This shows that no matter what the plot of story is; in this case two people’s journey to find love, there is some mystery that keeps the reader guessing.Jane experiences several of Bertha’s crazy escapes from the attic, but is completely unaware of who or what she is. This lack of knowledge of Jane’s brings in a sense of suspense and terror to the plot. Without this fear that Bertha’s character creates in Jane’s life, the story would just be another tale of love. Jane becomes more curious about the mystery hidden deep in Thornfield Hall and begins to think the person causing the mayhem is Grace Poole. The dread of Bertha produces a dark cloud over Thornfield, symbolizing the secrets kept by its residents, specifically Mr....

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Bertha Mason´s Appearance in Charlote Bronte´s Jane Eyre

804 words - 3 pages and how injured Mr. Mason was from her attack. Jane saw how injured Mason was and it reminded her of the dangers she is crossing between Bertha Rochester and Mr. Rochester. “Grace Poole bent over the fire, a figure ran backwards and forwards … it growled like some strange wild animal. The lunatic sprang and grappled his throat viciously, and laid her teeth into his cheek”(Jane, 298). From seeing all this and experiencing Mr. Rochester’s dark

Bertha Mason´s Appearance in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

720 words - 3 pages Charlotte Brontes use if writing is very unique. The way she describes the characters makes you think. She has depicted Bertha mason the first wife if Mr. Rochester. Bertha Mason was a woman who was struck with a mental illness who is then hidden and locked away in the attic of Thornfield. Bertha mason is the wife of Mr. Rochester. She stands in between of Jane and Mr. Rochester's marriage. We first hear of Bertha Mason in chapter 11

Bertha Mason and her Impact in the Novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

1089 words - 5 pages In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Jane has gone through experiences and some which let her down in a few ways. Jane also has people who impact her which hinder her future. She has been through so much and sometimes things and good sometimes they’re bad. Jane’s life has really changed and she experiences many things When Bertha Rochester is first introduced in the novel she is much of a mystery. Her name isn’t stated and it isn’t

Analysis of Bertha Mason´s Character in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

847 words - 3 pages Bertha Rochester’s introduction into Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte had an immense impact on her present life and aligned with the disappointments in her past. Bertha Rochester is the madwoman who lives in Mr. Rochester’s attic. She lives there because she is Mr. Rochester’s wife who was kept a secret from Jane. Mr. Rochester married her, not knowing what he was getting himself into it. Bertha Rochester is also the sister to Mr. Mason who was

Comparison of Setting between Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

2489 words - 10 pages Comparison of Setting between Wuthering Heights and Jane EyreIn two literary works, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, setting plays an important role. Setting can be described as the time and place in which an event occurs. It helps the reader to understand the story and where the character is coming from. Both the authors associate setting to the characters in the story. In Wuthering Heights, the setting

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1155 words - 5 pages room/ the attic of Thornfield) Supernatural/sublime elements (may be explained, e.g. screams of Bertha Mason Hero is often lonely and lost (Rochester and Jane) Villain is epitome of evil (Bertha or Rochester, even St. John's Rivers) either due to a fall from grace or innate malevolence Many tales include a character who is "The Wanderer," -left to wander in perpetual exile (Rochester/ Jane) Purpose of the Gothic Elements of the Gothic thought to

Jane Eyre

1045 words - 4 pages removed my veil from its gaunt head, rent it in two parts, and flinging both on the floor, trampled on them" (281).Bertha's destruction of Jane's wedding veil portrays Bertha's impurity; a wedding veil is a true symbol of purity and innocence. Foreshadowing the destruction of Jane's relationship with Rochester, the wedding veil enhances the bitter contrast between Bertha and Jane

Jane Eyre

795 words - 4 pages Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was a novel following the life of the main character Jane Eyre as she overcame early misfortunes and conflicts to develop into a strong, optimistic and independent woman. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys is an attempt to expand and rewrite Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre by focusing on a character that was mentioned in the original novel itself, and this character is Bertha the madwoman in the attic. Both of these

Jane Eyre

3164 words - 13 pages "lovemad" woman in nineteenth-century literature. Jane Eyre is the story of a lovemad woman who has two parts to her personality (herself and Bertha Mason) to accommodate this madness. Charlotte Bronte takes the already used character of the lovemad woman and uses her to be an outlet for the confinement that comes from being in a male-dominated society. Jane has to control this madness, whereas the other part of her personality, her counterpart, Bertha

Jane Eyre

1351 words - 5 pages weakest moments. The final turning point in Jane’s life was when she left Rochester. She stood up for herself and did what was best for her. From then on she became a stronger woman. Though Jane’s characteristics changed throughout the novel, it still played a huge role on how the other character treated her. Several characters influenced the main sections in Jane Eyre. Helen Burns was introduced first. Jane was sent to Lowood School after

Jane Eyre

2397 words - 10 pages Bertha to light and eventually in time helps release Rochester from his curse. Rochester can be associated with the Beast, "Of all the fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast most closely resembles Jane Eyre in the shape of the plot and the characterization of the hero" (Imlay 72). The Beast is always asking Beauty if she does not find him ugly. Rochester’s looks are often scrutinized throughout Bronte’s novel. There are two points in the novel where

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3847 words - 15 pages Reactions to Patriarchal Oppression by Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason Missing Works Cited   Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason are both oppressed by the British patriarchal system were men are the makers, interpreters, and enforcers of social and political rules. However, these two women differ greatly in the ways that they accept and cope with the reality of their place in society, and it is these differences that ultimately determine their fate

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880 words - 4 pages The Novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte took a surprising twist when Bertha "Mason" Rochester was introduced. Bertha leaves a traumatizing impression on Jane’s conscious. However, this particular misfortunate event was insidiously accumulating prior to Jane’s arrival at Thornfield. Through Bertha, the potential alternative dark turn of events of Jane’s past are realized, thus bringing Jane closer to finding herself. Bertha and Mr

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821 words - 4 pages Everyone has secrets and in the novel Jane Eyre by, Charlotte Bronte we see how a hidden past disrupts the very future of Jane’s life. Mr. Rochester has made his fair share of mistakes in his life and one of them being keeping a dark past locked and caged up. He literally did have his past subdued in a prison like manor because he kept his wife Bertha Mason locked on the third floor of the Thornfield household. We are introduced to Bertha Mason

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812 words - 4 pages In the novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane meets many people each with a different story, reason and each person played a part in her life. Those people have impacted her life in such a way that it changes Jane's life forever. In those parts of her life someone new came in, they impacted her life with something new, and that something new changed how she looks on the world from the past she had. Like one women named Bertha Antoinetta