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Dennis Deruyter1984Miss Rosiers - English: literature and culturePlot of the book "1984"It's the year 1984. Winston Smith lives in London which is part of the country Oceania. The world is divided into three countries that include the entire globe: Oceania (and its government called Ingsoc), Eurasia (and its culture of death worship), and Eastasia (and its neo-bolshevism form of society). In this world, Oceania is a totalitarian society led by the terrible dictator Big Brother.In the society described in George Orwell's book, everyone is under complete surveillance by the authorities, mainly by telescreens. The people are constantly reminded of this by the phrase "Big Brother is watching you", which is the core "truth" of the propaganda system in this state. Big Brother censors everyone's behaviour, even their thoughts.Winston is disgusted with his oppressed life and secretly longs to join the fabled Brotherhood, a supposed group of underground rebels who intend on overthrowing the government. One day Winston accidentally meets Julia and they secretly fall in love and have an affair. But having an affair in this regime is considered a crime.One day, while walking home, Winston encounters O'Brien, an inner party member, who gives Winston his address. Winston had exchanged glances with O'Brien before and had dreams about him giving him the impression that O'Brien was a member of the Brotherhood. Since Julia hates the party as much as Winston does, they go to O'Brien's house together where they are introduced into the Brotherhood. O'Brien is actually a faithful member of the Inner-Party and this is actually a trap for Winston, a trap that O'Brien has been cleverly setting up for seven years. Winston and Julia are sent to the Ministry of Love which is a sort of rehabilitation centre for criminals accused of thought crime. There, Winston is separated from Julia, and tortured until his beliefs coincide with those of the Party. Winston denounces everything he believed in, even his love for Julia, and is released back into the public where he wastes his days at the Chestnut Tree drinking gin.Comparison of the book by George Orwell, and film by Michael RadfordWhen George Orwell wrote this book, 1984 was still almost 40 years in the future. Some of the things Orwell imagined that would come to pass were the telescreen, a television that observes those who are watching it, and a world consisting of three super powers rather than hundreds of countries. All three nations are dystopias that represent what Orwell thinks could be the result of extremist political ideas. In the novel, the country of Eastasia apparently consists of China and its satellite nations; Eurasia is the Soviet Union; and Oceania comprises the United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies.Taking this into consideration, Michael Radford had quite a lot of work to do, both as a screenplay author and as a film director. The feeling of the Orwellian dystopia called Oceania is spot on....

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