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Comparison Of Renaissance And Middle Ages

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Comparisons of middle Ages and renaissance

Middle Ages were the most devastated and dark periods that Europeans had ever experienced. These periods were worse after one another. These episodes Europeans had lack of fortunes, educations, had worse economies and unfair rulers who were corrupted and neglected their responsibilities to their people. People were suffering by unrecognizable diseases, unchangeable seasons and unsolvable conflicts. People were also not optimistic of their future because what they believed. People believed that everyone deserved what he or she had at that time, in terms of their status among the community and their current jobs. Even their arts or sculptures were not relating to their presented lives. But renaissance were different than middle ages because they were optimistic, had better education, realistic arts and pleased rulers who no one can complain about their ways of governing. These people who lived throughout renaissance were thinking ahead and they could predict what their future will be in terms of trades, upcoming seasons and their conditions about their customary lives.
The economy of middle Ages was trouble because people were not focusing on or giving high priorities. People were obsessed only religious honors. Every one believed that churches were only place that people could find everything they needed. People were not trying to learn, or create and came up with new ideas. Everyone thought his or her fortune was depending on what they had and where they lived; there was anything they expected to gain. Their economy only based on farming and small trades these followed by specific routes. All these stuffs they earned from traders were owned by nobles and other people who worked for them. This led that all other social classes to suffer lack of food and not have other social services. These people who low status were always vulnerable by chronic disease and disastrous famine. Nobles were taking all resources and used by only their selves, even sometimes they asked people to pay money when they came to churches in order to get salvation from God. Essentially, during Middle Ages economy was not first thing that people be concerned about, but only thing that people were thinking more was how to get honors.
However, the whole lives of Renaissance were based on economy because people were enthusiastic to gain money and become wealth in order to become higher positions among the community. Wealthy people were always superior amid the community because their prosperity. Renaissance had incredible trades the helped to gain more opportunities because everyone in the top place was richest person in the community while Middle Ages the top person was noble because they had chosen by community because their royalty or they had gotten occasionally their nobility by heredity from their formal ancestors. Every family tried to become opulent in order to control their parts...

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