Comparison Of Roman Catholicism To Pentecostal Christians Faith

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SummaryIn this report I will inform people about the faith of Roman Catholicism and what centers around thisWay of worship, also in this report I will summarize a interview that I done with Alicia Prokasky a15 year old girl, that goes to the Lady of the Highway Catholic Church in Thomasville, North Carolina.In the interview I asked her a series of ten question concerning about the Roman Catholic ways ofWorship and lifestyles and from these questions I will show a comparison between Roman Catholicismand my religion which is Pentecostal Christianity.Roman Catholicism to Pentecostal Christians Faith 3The Beliefs of Roman CatholicsRoman Catholicism is a religion that goes all the way back to the early times of the church. It issimilar to the religion of Christians, and the history of Roman Catholicism is similar to thatof the early church that existed during the period of the beginnings of the Roman Empire.In fact, the language that the scripture is presented in, many of the rituals and the church architectureof Roman Catholicism exists today because the Roman Empire incorporated Roman culture withthe religion of that period. Many of the beliefs and principles of the Roman Catholic Church aresimilar to that of the essential beliefs of the general Christian worldview. However, certain areasof these beliefs are significantly different from other Christian faiths, and the Roman CatholicChurch also has a unique structure that separates it from the other denominations. The Roman Catholic Church places more emphasis on faith and morals, two of the centralbeliefs in Roman Catholicism. The revelations of God are not truths that are supposed to be easilyunderstood by the average human, aside from the importance of faith and morals.Roman Catholicism have other beliefs that are different to the beliefs of other styles within theChristian faith, some of the other beliefs that set aside the Roman Catholicism from other forms ofChristian worship are denominations or the Roman Catholic methods of worship. The Catholic worshipknown as Mass. The Mass is a service that is well-structured and organized. The service usuallystarts with a song out of a hymn book and will move on to prayers that is said by everymember of the congregation, usually before the prayer they will take communion and the preacherwill say "a prayer amplifying the supplication 'Deliver us from evil'"Roman Catholicism to Pentecostal Christians Faith 4The InterviewIn researching of this report on Roman Catholics faith I set up a interview with a actual memberOf a Roman Catholic church, In the interview that I did at The Lady of the Highway CatholicChurch in Thomasville, North Carolina, I asked Alicia Prokasky a fifteen year-old girl a series ofTen question so that I could get a better comprehending of the Roman Catholics faith. The firstquestion that I asked was "How has being raised in the catholic faith affected her life", and she saidthat it had affected her life in many ways, from the way that she...

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