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Contrasting Business Styles Of William Durant & Alfred Sloan

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William Durant brought together more than twenty-five independent automobile companies to form the General Motors Corporation. He lost control of the company in 1910, due to financial difficulties. Durant regained control of the company in 1916. As a resilient businessman, he dismissed the bankers and took over as the president of the company (Blackford, pg 242). The business style that Durant possessed was to try to run General Motors as a one man show. He made the daily operating decisions and grand policy by himself. He simply could not make the major decisions on investments, expansion and marketing (Blackford, pg 243). The office of General Motors, during the time of William ...view middle of the document...

By 1924, an organizational plan was implemented and with this came significant changes in the management of General Motors. Pierre DuPont along with Sloan created a strong central or head office, which is today called the corporate office at General Motors (Blackford, pg 245). Sloan helped to take General Motors to having solid financial reporting. The models that were created back then are still followed today by some modern companies. Sloan's' business styles were similar to those of the Pennsylvania railroad; use some fifty years earlier (Blackford, pg 245).The business styles of Durant and Sloan were completely opposite. From the reading that was done, it was gathered that Durant really had no business styles and wanted to run General Motors all by himself with no help from anyone. Sloan made a statement about Durant, "Mr. Durant was a great man with a great weakness, he could create but not administrate." (Blackford, pg 243). Durant had solid ideas for the vehicles and bringing together all the companies to form General Motors, however he just didn't have the business capability that was needed to run the company. Sloan, on the other hand, uses his business knowledge to help General Motors become the business it is today. Sloan instituted the central office receiving production reports, weekly and monthly, which is something that Durant did not use. General Motors has become today one of the leading automobile manufactures because of the business styles of Alfred SloanReferencesBlackford, Mansel G., Business Enterprise in American History, 1994 Houghton Mifflin Company

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