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One of the leading Jewish theologians and a philosopher in the 20th century, Abraham Joshua Heschel, once said, "Racism is a man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason." When the word -racism- is mentioned, ever wonder what a person thinks? Racism has been with us throughout eternity and has caused a majority of people in the America to be hurt and feel discriminated. The first people to ever experience this violence was the Native Americans, followed by black Africans and later on to other various degrees (Ponds). To heal racism, expanding ones capacity to experience the reality of others is a way of understanding how it feels to be discriminated because of the differences in race (Honour). Many people believed that the nation was entering into a color-blind society where racism could be healed if not then totally dismissed with the election of Barack Obama as president in 2012 (Ponds). With this prevalent going on in our society, questions arise: how do we teach our children not to be racists? How can we prevent this from going on? Teaching this involves taking one step at a time and going from there to the next level. By evaluating the two articles, "The Myth of the Latin Women," by Judith Ortiz and "Always Living in Spanish" by Marjorie Agosin, we can identify two sources that will help us understand how one can struggle and survive through living in a world full of racism.
Racism has been a huge problem throughout the United States and every individual struggles with the unproductive messages of racism that is being passed on through from larger societies. Many people suffered from this in silence and it is what hits the hardest on children and youth who lack the life experience to understand the context and ability to respond with maturity (Honour). Sometimes some people tend to think that racism does not affect them but on a second thought racism affects everyone, including themselves (Longhurst).
It is all very different, it is all very much the same. In the early twenty-first century, it is a different America, and it is a familiar America. When asked in 1985 to assess the legacy of the civil rights era, a black activist responded: "Everything has changed, but nothin' has changed. In the 1960s Bull Connor threw us in jail, sicked dogs on us, turned the water hose on us. Today Birmingham has a black mayor. Last year he picked me up at the airport and gave me a key to the city. But in the shadow of City Hall I saw black people still living in slums. Downtown I observed a growing underclass. Everything has changed, but nothin' has changed." (Graff)
This quote here from Graff's article shows us how the past to today can have a huge difference in many things but still remain similar in some ways. Comparing the past to today, everything is of course different, back then lacks what we have today. What still remains today is racism, the feeling of discrimination, the struggles of living through life with...

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