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Contributing Factors Of The Next Glacial Period

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As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late. The science is clear. The global warming debate is over” (Schwarzenegger, par.9). Has our society really made an effort to prevent global warming from evolving into a bigger disaster than it already has or are people sitting back and letting things unfold similarly to a series of unfortunate events? Andrew C. Revkin, the author of “Global Warming Is Eroding Glacial Ice”, believes that the main cause of global warming is largely due to human activity. Revkin’s claims water glaciers are disappearing which is making an overall negative impact on global warming. He believes that melting trends are showing a negative effect on the environment and that people’s ignorance to hydroelectric power is leading to future water shortages, which in the longer run will speed up the process of global warming (344). In opposition, Philip Stott, the author of “Global Warming Is Not a Threat to Polar Ice”, begs to differ and believes that people cannot simply blame humans alone for the cause of global warming, but that both the greenhouse gases and natural changes in the environment are the leading causes of an ice age. The Ice age is approaching sooner than later! Even though people believe that global warming should be a concern, Stott argues that people are far from being affected by global warming because in reality ice sheets are getting thicker and not thinner, also that there has been a change in colder climate which is effecting the environment as a whole, and that the production of greenhouse gases are not contributing to global warming, but instead leading the world to the next glacial period (Stott 346).
To begin with, Antarctic regions have been getting colder and although some ice sheets are being retreated on the other hand some have grown thicker. In fact, there is no evidence that shifting ice sheets in the Antarctic is causing global warming (Stott 344). Researchers in the West Antarctic discovered that ice sheets are in fact getting thicker and not thinner, which is an opposite trend known as Larsen B. (Stott 345). Scientists believe that within the last 10,000 years, ice sheets have grown in abundance, meaning the ice sheets has halted its retreat. Stott claims, that “There is evidence that the ice sheet in the Ross Sea area is growing by as much as 26.8 gigatons per year, particularly on a part of the ice sheet known as Stream C” (Stott 345). Scientists have found a significant increase in ice sheets, which proves people are likely to experience the next glacial period in the long run. If anything, the world is far from global warming not only because more ice sheets are growing thicker and but also in abundance.
In addition to ice sheets retreating, scientists have also discovered a change in colder climate. Both of these factors are signs that the world is inching up to an ice age instead of a...

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