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ContributionIntroductionAs the society becomes increasingly modernized, the equality between men and women is constantly being discussed. In my contribution, I will explore how should female obtain more leadership positions by utilizing their unique leading styles. Doing so will help to reach the equality between the two genders. Hopefully, this paper will raise the awareness that male leaders and female leaders should be treat equally and should share same resources. Discussing this topic will promote the realization of true equality between male and female. I believe this paper, will interest the female job applicants who are looking for jobs relate to administration and employers who may hire female managers.Current ConversationMachiavelli, the author of "The Prince," believes nation is built on absolute control and monarch. Therefore, he would hardly agree that women should be allowed to obtain any leadership positions. In contrast, Eagly and Carli, the authors of "The female leadership advantage: An evaluation of the evidence," and Sandra Tsing Loh, the author of "Should Women Rule," would most likely agree that women should have more opportunities in obtaining leading positions. They also state that the unique leading styles possessed by female will benefit women in finding such leadership positions. Even though Barber and Gautney, the authors of "Command Performance" and "What is Occupy Wall Street?" do not have any specific arguments on how female will gain leading experience by their leadership style, their arguments on a leader should obtain power by uniting the public would likely be used to argue that the leading environment of nowadays' world will generate and demand great amount of female leaders because of their leading styles.Body paragraphsThis world needs a collaborative leading environment. When analyzing the reasons for America's lack in democratic leaders, Barber expresses that "leaders… are paralyzed by uncertainties in the public will" (55). Failing to perceive and construct a common goal within the public, leaders, as Barber describes, would fail to decide on the nation's future development plan. Such failure would eventually result in the loss of power. Gautney testifies this argument by arguing that leadership "requires a degree of good faith" and the key to establish such faith is compromise (2). Gautney believes that leaders should construct a common goal that all community members work towards. She also believes that this process of constructing the public purpose is the process of magnifying the sameness of people's various ideas. Both authors show the importance of building a common goal in the process of obtaining and maintaining the control.Such teamwork based working environment provides women a lot of opportunities based on their democratic leading style. Democratic leading style, as Eagly and Carli describes, "is behaving democratically and allowing...

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