Control And Conversion Of Electrical Power By Power Semiconductor Devices

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Control and Conversion of Electrical Power by Power Semiconductor Devices

Power electronics refers to control and conversion of electrical power by power semiconductor devices wherein these devices operate as switches. Advent of silicon-controlled rectifiers, abbreviated as SCRs, led to the development of a new area of application called the power electronics. Prior to the introduction of SCRs, mercury-arc rectifiers were used for controlling electrical power, but such rectifier circuits were part of industrial electronics and the scope for applications of mercury-arc rectifiers was limited. Once the SCRs were available, the application area spread to many fields such as drives, power supplies, aviation

What is power electronics?
Power electronics is the application of electronic circuits to energy conversion.
You may have more interaction with power electronics than you think. If you drive a car, use a computer, cook with a microwave, talk on any type of telephone, listen to a stereo, or make holes with a cordless drill, then you come in contact with power electronics. Thanks to power electronics, the electricity needed to run the things you use everyday is processed, filtered, and delivered with maximum efficiency, smallest size and minimal weight. In formal terms, "This technology encompasses the use of electronic components, the application of circuit theory and design techniques, and the development of analytical tools toward efficient electronic conversion, control, and conditioning of electric power."

The main areas of power electronics research include:
• Electronic devices (like diodes and transistors)
• Control and regulation
• Power converter circuit design and work with various topologies for converter circuits
• Magnetic components (such as transformers and inductors)
• Electronic circuit packaging and manufacturing
• Control of electrical motors
Power electronics has applications that span the whole field of electrical power systems, with the power range of these applications extending from a few VA/Watts to several MVA / MW.
The main task of power electronics is to control and convert electrical power from one form to another. The four main forms of conversion are:
• Rectification referring to conversion of ac voltage to dc voltage,
• DC-to-AC conversion,
• DC-to DC conversion and
• AC-to-AC conversion.
• "Electronic power converter" is the term that is used to refer to a power electronic circuit that converts voltage and current from one form to another.
In addition, SCRs and other power semiconductor devices are used as static switches.

Importance and Uses of Power Electronics
Power electronics is everywhere you look. For example, power electronics is used in
• computers
• automobiles
• telecommunications
• space systems and...

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