Control And Manipulation: How To Make Someone Evil

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For hundreds of years, the debate between good and evil has been highly controversial. In the 1800’s the ideas of good and evil were easily clarified through God and Satan. However, as science and technology progressed that answer was far too simple to be acceptable any longer. Psychology provided the insight that human beings were responsible for their own actions. The reasons behind good and evil now became people’s intention and actions. Throughout his life, Stephen King found himself facing just what good and evil was. When he was very young his father walked out on his family and he witnessed his friend get killed by a train. These events may have, in turn, influenced his writing about human behavior. Nevertheless, it is apparent that in The Stand he depicts the complex human mind and interactions in order to show both the negative and positive outcomes. Frequently, he supplies cause and effect positions in order to illustrate how not only manipulative circumstances and people are the origins of the transformation to evil, but how the victim receives this manipulation is also another strong factor.
How people define what is good and what is evil can be completely different as well as their opinions on whether or not people are naturally good or bad. Within Stephen King’s The Stand, certain characteristics are easily distinguished as good such as being “thoughtful” (145) or having “a sense of responsibility” (145) which many seek to achieve. Nonetheless, the statement that such attributes are “rare” (145) implies that many give into the pull of evil and cause the number of people who are truly good to decline. This draws up the question as to what really determines evil. There is a further universal set of rules that are supposed to relate to everyone and is essential for retaining good behavior. Zimbardo who wrote The Lucifer Effect explains that these “communal codes of conduct” (233) are the basis of judgments people situate on each other. Since these are often assumed to be embedded into most peoples’ subconscious, when one fails to uphold these “absolute ethics” (233) they may be considered immoral or bad. Actions that break these rules can be automatically described as evil. This results in the concluding question as to whether these bad intentions are inherently part of human nature. Zimbardo presents evidence that perchance humans are wired to look for all the bad in a person, rather than the good. “Multiple data sources document the ills of human existence” (460) and whereas this may seem to be normal, a piece of information people habitually don’t notice until it is pointed out is that “Similar quantitative data for positive human activities are not easy to come by." (460) This draws to the conclusion that the reason why such information is difficult to come by is because, in spite of all of man’s good intentions, the draw of evil is impossible to resist. Zimbardo exemplifies this fact that “evil is so pervasive” (258) and that...

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