Control Of Bacterial Transcription, Translation, And Replication By (P)Pp Gpp, By Anjana Srivatsan And Jue D Wang

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The research article I will be analyzing is, “Control of bacterial transcription, translation and replication by (p)ppGpp” written by Anjana Srivatsan and Jue D Wang, published in 2008 Current Opinion in Microbiology 11: 100-105. The main research area of the paper is to control and regulate bacterial transcription, translation and replication with the use of the small nucleotides, pppGpp and ppGpp (also known as, (p)ppGpp). The authors use previous studies to make slight modifications of previously made observations to pursue how (p)ppGpp ensures the survival of various Gram-positive bacteria affixed to stress. The introduction makes a convincing case of importance and value of the study by presenting the experiments performed already as well as showing success in generating the nucleotides ppGpp and pppGpp, which retained their capacity to control bacterial transcription, translation and replication. It also establishes how this research can make a difference in the survival and propagation of various bacterial species as (p)ppGpp has the ability to instantaneously modify global cellular metabolism in response to the environmental changes to optimize growth which increases the survival rate. The experimental approach succeeds in answering the main question of the article, can (p)ppGpp control transcription, translation and replication? By answering the question, the authors trigger the enzymes ReIA and SpoT by the different starvation signals discussed in the article. This triggering, admits E. coli to produce (p)ppGpp allowing the nucleotides to be tested for control and regulation of transcription, translation and replication. I do suggest the methods of this experiment appropriate, as the authors did research and look at all factors before acting on the information; also, no harmful techniques were used in the methods of this experiment. The paper lacks statistical methods and the experiments performed do not require statistical backing. The author first introduces the full scientific names Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis, and then shorts it to E. Coli and B. Subtilis throughout the remaining paper. The use of scientific nomenclature is correctly formatted and the authors did not use any of these nomenclatures excessively. The author is straight forward when writing this paper as there is no slang or excessive jargon which I think is good for the readers as it is easily readable and understandable even if you are not science related. I feel the conclusion of this article was too short and partially vague. A longer conclusion may help readers to understand more of what the article was about. The conclusion did summarize the experimental data to develop a new complexity of bacterial physiology. Ultimately, the authors did provide a solid ending statement in the conclusion which exceeds the purpose of the conclusion to give the readers a little extra to think about. With this said, their thoughts and opinions of this article are stuck...

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