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Controllability Analysis Based On Input Output Pairing And Disturbance Rejection Of A Distillation Column Assisted Heat Pump In Steady State Condi

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Distillation is the main separation method in chemical process industries. This process involves low thermodynamic efficiency and high energy demand due to the heat that is added in the bottom reboiler and thrown away in the top condenser. For this reason, to improve energy-efficient distillation systems, heat integration concept was first proposed by Brugma [1], Wright [2], Petlyuk et al.[3] and Freshwater [4,5] almost 70 years ago. Nakaiwa et al. [6] has recently discussed these systems in an excellent review. In another review, Amiya [7] introduced many other heat integration schemes which have been developed so far in depth.
Heat pump systems can be used to upgrade heat from a lower ...view middle of the document...

Meszaros [14] applied a vapor recompression heat pump to successfully separate an 'i-butane/n-butane/c/t-2-butene' mixture in a patent. Diez et al. [15] selected an 'i-butane/n-butane' mixture and showed that distillation with both top vapor recompression and bottom flashing heat pumps allowed for reduction of operation costs by 33% and 32%, respectively. Hamidzadeh et al. [16] selected depropanizer column and proposed that distillation with both top vapor recompression and bottom flashing heat pumps allowed for reduction of operation (energy) costs by 83.3% and 84%, respectively. This issue improved economic potential (incorporating capital costs) by 53% and 54%, respectively.
So, many new technologies have been developed for reducing energy consumption of distillation technologies. However, without good controllability properties, these improvements could be lost as disturbances and propagating through distillation may result in off spec products, inefficient operation and even safety problems. It therefore becomes important to ensure that these integrated systems also have good controllability properties. Integration develops extra degrees of freedom for system control. Therefore, it is of interest to attend control aspects of a distillation column assisted heat pump. This paper did not peruse various modes of heat pumping and their advantages and disadvantages or economics of distillation assisted heat pump.
Not much work has been done on controllability of distillation assisted heat pumps. Chandra and Devotta [17] proposed a control scheme for mechanical vapor compression heat pump assisted distillation column for ethanol-water system. Gopichand et al. [18] designed a mechanical heat pump assisted distillation system for separating ethanol from 7% aqueous mixtures and showed that heat exchangers were provided to aid flexibility and control of column operation.
Supranto et al. [19,20,21] introduced three experimental studies which showed that continuous heat pump assisted distillation using an external working fluid could greatly reduce the energy used in a distillation process and no control problems...

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