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Week 4 Risk Management Consulting - Controlling Access 1Controlling Access 2Risk Management Consulting - Controlling AccessJennah WhitneyUniversity of PhoenixEnterprise SecurityCMGT 430Thomas JosephOctober 27, 2014IntroductionAs McBride Financial Services moves forward in implementing the Risk Management Plan including the changes and upgrades for the organization, continued teamwork and communication is crucial between the consulting firm and stakeholders. As defined earlier the stakeholders are the internal customers (employees, partners), and external customers (clients and customers), all stakeholders rely upon the IT enterprise and with continued growth IT faces a challenge with the complexity of the systems and interface between applications, this coupled with the challenges of controlling and monitoring access and the resources involved in that process (Thexton,Shah,Gaur, 2011).Organizational Change Management ModelTo start the process an Organization Change Management model is used to develop the structure that is designed to simultaneously move people, processes and technology from the present to the future. During a transition involving a large organization a systematic approach that supports all stakeholders including the organization will ensure that the effect is long term, and sustainable.I have chosen to utilize the Burke-Litwin Model to help first identify critical transformational and transactional factors that may influence the successful adoption of the planned change. In effort to understand the external environment strategy, leadership, and culture can be the most powerful drivers for creating organizational change ("Performing Organizational Assessments", 2014). The strategy that McBride Financial Services will reflect the culture and organizational structure -Data-driven change stresses the approach of rationale tactic for implementing change in a process. Professionals either that are associated by work or social circles are commissioned to evaluate the process Experts, either internal or external to the sponsor, are contracted to analyze the system with the purpose producing a more proficient result ("Transformation Planning And Organizational Change", 2014).Role-Based Provisioning and Portal AccessPartition/Isolate: Isolating questionable components from trusted ones again will limitthe basis of attack. Eliminating and controlling the extent of exposure and infection. The principle of implementing minimum requirements to minimum responsibilities - along with separating critical from non-critical mission functions and data.Examples:Separation at the network (non-sensitive from sensitive) segregates risky traffic and processing from critical traffic, processing, and data.According to "Cyber Mission Assurance" (2014), ("Segmentation at the network level should implement controlled interfaces between segments, as needed, both within an enterprise and at its boundaries.").Using secure browsers, powerful and recommended...

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