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Parents desire to have the perfect child when the time for having a baby comes around and after years of waiting their desires are being fulfilled. The only problem is, when is going to get out of hand and will it become a weapon of destruction. Thus leading many to believe that the government should have strict regulations on the process of designing a baby and also control what it means to be perfect. The future of genetics is coming upon society quicker than ever thought possible.
The first concept of a designer baby was developed in the case of Adam Nash. One of the first babies that were created using gene therapy in order to evade a family disease made national headlines. However, the headlines were not in joy or happiness but in fear of what the future might hold. Then the talks began and ideas of being able to pick what personality or intelligence each child had. The lines were drawn and society was split between ethics and desires (Begley, 1998).
Eventually, government was asked to take a step into the situation. The idea that there should be regulations began to mold society. Then the questions were raised of what should the government regulate and how it should be regulated. Gene therapy has led to changes in child birth by allowing parents to avoid diseases and also to determine sex. The government is regulating dictating sex to doctor’s order but there are clinics that disobey this order do it anyway.
Research Question and Significance
Government regulation takes part in many areas of society from birth control to monetary gain. Many in society believe that if the government already controls a numerous amount of things, why not control the limitations on designing the perfect baby. The future of gene therapy in designer babies has real possibilities for society in order to excel in the future. However, it can also have negative consequences in the wrong hands. The question is then raised should the government control the limitations on gene therapy, how much control should they have, and if so what holds true for the future of genetics.
The importance of the subject holds true when it comes to the population. Ellie Lee’s book discussed looking at the genetics in terms of disabilities. There are times when disabilities have paved great improvements in society and allowed for substantial advances in medicine. If disease is treated and as disability and diseases are no longer present, then advances in medicine will no longer be necessary. The controversy lies in the topic of ethics and when it is considered too far for gene therapy. The importance of the subject is to determine what is too far and at what point outside help should step in to assist with the decision.
Opposing Viewpoints
There are two sides when it comes down to the ethics of designer babies. One side feels as if it is wrong to change the characteristics of the baby before it is even born. They feel this way due to the belief that the baby has no rights and no...

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