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Controversial Coach Essay

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Karolyi once said, “” A gymnastics meet is like a hunt, in a way. It’s you against them. To win, first you make your girls strong. Then they’ll jump higher. Work them hard and they’ll perform better.”” (Gutman 43). Most people think of heroes being kind and loving. Karolyi was typically the exact opposite. What makes him a modern day hero is that Bela had nothing and came to the USA from Romania to train gymnasts the way he wanted to.
Karolyi, a famous gymnastics trainer, was born on September 13, 1942 to Nador and Iren in Cluj, Romania. Karolyi is the youngest of two. (Dana 2-3). It was just the four of them together.
Karolyi’s first job that he got was in a slaughter house. This is where ...view middle of the document...

They eventually reached Long Beach, California. Karolyi took part-time jobs, but they still had barely any money. They had hardly any food at all and the room that they rented cost the extremely small amount of about seven dollars (Gutman 45). On May 1, 1990 the Karolyi’s gained citizenship in the United States (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 2).
Karolyi purchased a loan for the ranch. (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 2). At first, the Karolyi’s started the Texas ranch with only 40 acres. They have built on it until now, and it now has 2,000 acres. This, now a training facility for many famous and high-leveled gymnasts, began in 1983. The members of the United States of America national team goes to the ranch monthly for a couple days. “” It’s hard; strenuous and intense, but that’s what it’s supposed to be,” says Tasha Schwikert, a 2000 Olympian. “ It’s not a summer camp.”” (Garcia 1-2).
In addition to the training facility, Karolyi keeps many of his animals on the ranch, too. The ranch is located outside of Houston, Texas (Garcia 1). The summer camp started in 1989 and lasted for two months. The ranch’s summer camp had over 2,000 gymnasts enrolled (Cardoso 4). Today, Karolyi is still building on to the ranch making it better. The ranch is now named as “an official U.S. Olympic training site.” (Garcia 3).
“” It’s the heart and soul of the machine where all the blood, sweat, and tears of USA Gymnastics comes together,” Penny says. “There’s a magic about that.”” (Garcia 1). Karolyi soon quit with coaching in the year of 1992. After this, Karolyi came back to coach once again in 2001 (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 3-7). “ The USA has since become a women’s gymnastics world power, collecting 45 world championships and 15 Olympic medals.” (Garcia 1).
Karolyi’s training ways have made many famous gymnasts that people still know and love today. For example, Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton (Gutman 48-49). Nadia was the first ever person to obtain a perfect score for her performance (Aaseng 75). When the Olympics had concluded, many gymnasts came to join in on Karolyi’s gym that there were now 1,400 students (“Bela Karolyi” Notible 6). Karolyi also coached the “Magnificent Seven” in 1996 and they won gold in the Olympics (Gutman 48). After the Olympics were over, Bela was promoted to being...

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