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Controversial Essay

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For decades there has been much controversy on the issues of religion in public. Some issues include removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance and excluding “In God We Trust” from our cents, but one of the biggest controversial topics would be whether or not to allow religion in public schools. People such as civil libertarians believe that Christians will force their beliefs on others if allowed the freedom to do so. Restrictions on religion in public schools have grown tighter and more delicate, as well as misunderstood, which has caused many different supreme court rulings and acts to come about as well as confusion about what is and what isn’t allowed religiously. Still today, ...view middle of the document...

Teachers can not require students to participate in religious activities, may not perform a prayer at a student graduation, silence any comments made by students about religion, express their own beliefs, or preach religion instead of teaching about religion. These laws have come about because of court cases that have happened in the past such as Engle vs. Vitale in 1962, which eliminated school-sponsored prayer from public schools for good (Religion in the Public Schools ) and in Abington School District vs. Schempp, the court ruled that sponsoring student’s religious activities was unconstitutional (Religion in the Public Schools).
Though there are many laws against expressing faith in public schools, some expressions are still allowed around others. One example would be allowing students to express their faith through the clothes they wear, which range from skull caps to crosses to hijabs. Students are also allowed to express their beliefs through their school work without being persecuted as long as they do not turn a project into a sermon. Any student can pray in school before eating, before or after a test, etc., but they cannot disturb other students by praying aloud unless in a small private group. Having a religious club at school is allowed and students may announce any upcoming meetings to the rest of the student body. Religious literature is also allowed and any student/s may pass out to other students their good book. Christians may pass out the Bible, Muslims can pass out the Quran, etc.. These same rules apply to students and staff who believe in evolution instead. Those who have a certain type of faith must equally obey the same rules and laws as someone of a different faith, which is supported by the Free Exercise Clause. “The general rule is that students are free to pursue their faith in school as long as they are not disruptive” (Darden). Also, teachers get the chance to wear whatever clothes they desire that represent their faith, but only if it does not harass students into believing what the teacher believes. Teachers may teach about religion as well, but the lesson must be focused on the subject at hand. For example, when teaching about the pilgrims, the teacher might explain that the pilgrims left because they wanted religious freedom.
Issues have risen over the decades because of students wanting to express religious beliefs in school. People have been trying to take away...

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