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Controversial Essay For English 101 Eng 101 Essay

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Casey Lewis
Crystal Plemmons
English 101
29 September 2017
The NRA and America
Many places around the country have laws about how and when you can carry a firearm. Specific to North Carolina concealed handguns cannot be carried in any law enforcement or correctional facilities like a prison, in schools or on school grounds, anywhere alcoholic beverages are sold including some restaurants, and anywhere place of business that has a sign posted banning carry in their businesses. To legally possess a concealed handgun in North Carolina you must; have valid form of identification and their concealed carry permit on them at all times. In the beginning of September of this year, at the University of Kansas a man named Kevin Willmott, who was a film and media studies instructor, arrived for class wearing a bulletproof vest or body armor. He was doing so to protest a campus carry law that had taken effect in July. Willmott told his students, “Try to forget I’m wearing a vest, and I’ll try to forget that you could be packing a .44 magnum.” (NRA-ILA) The things happening in the country right now that this type of article and situation is going to become more common and people are going to continue being upset and causing a scene about every little thing that is involved with firearms and their problems.
The majority of this article and the entire situation is leaning towards ethos (TALK ABOUT THE SPEAKERS ETHIC NOT THE SITUATION) and the ethics of the everything involved in it. The law that came into effect was that anyone 21 or over can carry a concealed firearm on campus. “The disturbing part of the policy for me is that it is concealed,” Willmott said. “It’s kind of a don’t ask, don’t tell kind of a policy, and so, you’re just kind of expected to forget that they’re probably there. And in that sense, your kind of living in a lie.” (Lodos). This article and situation goes a lot deeper than it just begins with the campus carry law. Willmott goes on to talk about when he recently did research for a movie he directed called “Jayhawkers”. Willmott said that the concealed nature of the law reminds him of a type of segregation practiced in Lawrence in the 1950s. “And that’s what this policy is all about,” Willmott said. “They don’t want it to be visible, because if it was visible, if everybody was walking around with a bulletproof vest on, people would say, ‘Oh my God, is this a war-zone? What’s going on here?’ And yes, it is a war-zone. No one’s started shooting yet. Yet. But we don’t know how many people have guns.”. Willmott said having guns “welcomed” onto campus can obstruct the free flow of ideas in classrooms when controversial topics like race and religion are discussed. (Lodos).
In this discussion, there are two rhetorical situations that I see. Considering what that is the best way I can see to explain is the context of any publication whether it be a movie, book, speech or an article. The two I am writing about would one from the point of view of...

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