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Controversial Interpretations On Heroism Essay

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Controversial Interpretations on Heroism

Society commonly distinguishes the faults of life, the unorthodox aspects of deteriorated childbirth, as simply being irrelevant to the essential advancement/evolution of that particular group. Mankind has always wished to develop superior physiological and psychological features in comparison to those of the preceding generation. Thus strains of debilitated traits are often looked down upon and ostracized from the progressive majority (Darwin's Theory) as though they were mere ‘accidents’ of nature, deficient of any noteworthy potential. Rodman Philbrick, an American author residing in Boston, Massachusetts, delivers a morally enigmatic novel titled Freak the Mighty, imploring the elements of a pair of discriminated companions and the wondrous adventures they spent together. Maxwell Kane, the objective protagonist had a life riddled with isolation from his peers due to his supposedly inferior brain. But when Kevin, a seemingly brilliant child with a frail physique comes into his daily life, their encounters become those of Freak the Mighty. In a conjecture regarding to the plot, Kevin is the acclaimed hero of the story because he provided the main protagonist with a purpose, rescued him from immediate peril, all while persevering through the dreaded consequences of his disease.
First and foremost, despite the fact that he was restrained by his own body’s mediocre strength, Freak, otherwise known as Kevin, was able to make Max come to the consensus that he did not occupy a mental disability and instilled him with confidence in his academic progress. During the period in which they attended the same classes together, Kevin had always assisted Max in accordance to what he thought was perplexing. Although people have always detested Maxwell due to his abnormal physical stature and supposed mental deficiency, Kevin always supported Maxwell in receiving a sufficient education and helped him understand that his life had value. One instance of this is when Maxwell states, “I know about that because Freak has been showing me how to read a whole book, and for some reason, it all makes sense” (p. 81). This quote implicates that Kevin really did spare the miniscule remnants of his life just to maintain Maxwell’s self-esteem. Therefore, this would showcase Kevin’s proud commitment to Max and his integrity as a hero.
Additionally, Freak has also provided physical assistance to Maxwell, in which he swiftly rescued him from Killer Kane. On the night of Christmas Eve, Maxwell was captured by his treacherous father whom then subjected Maxwell to heavy abuse. However, Kevin soon managed to pinpoint their location and save Max from Killer Kane’s clutches. Bravely standing upon the old house’s fragile staircase, Kevin unnervingly held a squirt gun filled with an eye-irritant concoction used to interfere and eventually rescue Max. This situation is portrayed when Max commented, “Freak is pointing the squirt gun...

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