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Controversial Issues Essay About Social Networking

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The Benefits of Social NetworkingAbstractIn the following essay, the benefits and consequences of social networking are explained and the different uses of social media are revealed. Websites, such as Facebook, have grown so popular that they have been created into mobile apps for individuals to use when he or she is unable to access a computer. With the significant increase in the number of its users, social networking has become a universal activity with its positive effects outweighing its negative ones. From being able to connect people from the opposite sides of the world to being able to provide a surplus of information, social networking sites have had a symbolic impact on the society that exists today. Without them, relationships would lose their potential to truly bloom and communication would become extremely limited. And although their opponents may claim that they bring too many safety risks, which include the effects that cyber bullying may bring, these websites have brought many advancements and have changed themselves over time to create a better environment for their users. The positive effects that social networking has created can be found everywhere, whether it is by enabling companions to communicate after a separation or by creating memorable relationships.Social networking sites have grown so popular today that many individuals, especially teenagers, reference them in their everyday language and conversations. A social networking site involves enabling users to create profiles within it to interact with others. With the increase of technological advances, the use of these websites has increased dramatically because of their many benefits that contribute to everyday life and their ability to simplify many activities, such as online shopping, that would have been difficult without the sites. A majority of people would automatically be able to think of Facebook and Twitter, extremely popular social networking sites that have millions of users, as perfect examples. These sites are not completely new forms of technology, but they've just recently created tension with the young adult community throughout the world. As the need for more technology advances increases, the dependence on those sites also go up to perform tasks conveniently without the need for taking the longer, more difficult approach that many of our ancestors would have used. While the over usage of social networking can be seen as harmful, both academically and emotionally, it ultimately results in maintaining and creating better relationships, improving the economy, and aiding knowledge by quickly discovering plenty of information about nearly any topic of interest.Social media improves current relationships and allows new friendships to form. This usually benefits the people who are more timid to express his or her ideas and opens up many new possibilities for future relationships between family or friends because "its social conventions permit people who are...

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