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Controversial Music In America. Essay

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Donetta TaylorEnglishControversial music in AmericaMusic is an international language. You cannot go anywhere without hear some form of music. Whether it is humming, singing, or something prerecorded. Yet it is fastly be recognized for the controversy it brings. Whether it contains sexual content or vulgar language, it is starting to be discussed more than common politics. With the changes in society happening so rapidly music has been able to keep up wit the pace. From classical instrumentals to bass pumping chorus, music has become more than entertainment. It has become a way of life.Of all the music that has been created the two that stands out the most is Rock and Rap music. Their lyrics have been said to cause fights and enrage hate. Yet they also inspire and give hope. Rock was known as the devil's music. If you listened to it you were said to hold satanic rituals and worship the dead.People were quick to make assumptions and had not listened to the music. If they had listened then they would have known that they did not worship the devil. Instead they talked about their life experiences and how they felt about things. For example a group called Twisted Sister they wore long hair& heavy make-up, and in their women's clothing told the kids to stand up and say" we're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it we're not gonna take it anymore". Parents (as they often did) were in an outrage because these 5 men were telling their kids not to listen to them. The group was actually talking about how they we're not going to take being mistreated as a rock group anymore.Another group that caused a ruckus was a group called Pearl Jam. They brought controversy not only to their music, but also to the silver screen with their song "Jeremy". This song talked about self-esteem problems in school age kids and how they might handle it. The song talked about how a child's mocking and taunting of someone with low self-esteem might turn out. America went in a rage when the video showed the little boy "Jeremy" killing his classmates. When actually he killed himself in front of his classmates. It was not only the narrow-minded outlook that the people perceived this video, but the also the negative responses that Pearl Jam never made another video.The phrase "Welcome to the Jungle" brings to our minds the group named Guns&Roses. That song talked about living in bad neighborhoods and surviving them. It has now become a theme song to most troubled teen movie. While Axel Rose made a lot of his money from that one song he is rarely remembered for his love ballad "November Rain". With this song he showed that rockers could love too, not just scream and yell plus break guitars.It is with that same token that Rap is perceived. When Rap music debuted it was said to be a fad. Now 25 years later Rap is still going strong and has proven that it is here to stay. Young kids are listening to Rap music and honing their skills to some day become a famous Rap star....

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