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Controversial Topic Essay On The Legalization Of Marijauna For Medical Purpose.

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The Legalization of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes: A Great ControversyAdrian CastanedaMrs. WilsonHonors English 1115 December 2008Thesis: Marijuana that is used for medicinal purposes should be legalized.Marijuana has multiple psychotic effects on humans.The primary ingredient in marijuana is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).THC is the primary ingredient in marijuana which causes its effectsThe THC produces the "high" effects an individual gets when they smoke the substance.Cannabidiol (CBN)CBN is another ingredient found in marijuana.CBN triggers an analgesic effect upon the individual who smokes itMarijuana and how it is viewed today; it has changed drastically over the centuries.1. Normally, when people think of marijuana negative connotations arise in their minds.2. Many people buy and sell marijuana (dope, weed etc)Marijuana was then introduced to the United States.Marijuana was a mandatory cash crop in Virginia in 1621.1. It was recognized by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for its value.2. Marijuana was the third largest agricultural crop in North America in the 1850s.Marijuana was thought to replace tobacco as the primary cash crop.How did marijuana become illegal?It was first recognized for its psychoactive effects on people in the 1300s.Invention of the cotton gin leads to decreasing yields in the marijuana industry in the United States.Marijuana then recognized and distinguished for its effects on the human body.Marijuana Tax Act in 1937 stopped its cultivation.Marijuana Transfer Tax Bill passed the same year, prohibited industrial and medical use of marijuana.3. Marijuana is declared an illegal drug.4. Marijuana is categorized under the same genre as heroin, cocaine, morphine, and LSD.All of this gives rise to the controversy over whether medical marijuana should be legalized.Medical marijuana has numerous advantages.A. To relieve nausea, vomiting, increase appetite (for people with AIDS), and as a pain killer.A couple of instances where medical marijuana can and should be used: 1. For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and are suffering from the drastic side effects.People who have AIDS and their body weight is degrading (reducing constantly).Medical Marijuana is less addictive then other drugs which produce the same effects.Marijuana is also helpful in treating epilepsy.Marijuana is also known to reduce pressure in the eye for individuals who suffer from glaucoma which is causes retinal cell depletion.Marijuana is used throughout the world for its medical applications.Medical marijuana is beneficial to thousands of people.Legalizing medical marijuana for medicinal purposes could have dangerous consequences.Legalizing medical marijuana could send a negative message to the youth.Teenagers could get the impression that using medical marijuana, legal or not, is okay.People and researchers fear that marijuana might become the next alcohol or tobacco if legalized.Marijuana has several negative health effects.There is a...

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