Controversy And Importance Of Animal Testing

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Almost every person has received a vaccine in their life. Vaccines intend to protect people from serious diseases that can affect them for the rest of their lives. In order to prevent diseases from spreading, all states require proof of immunization against diseases to be able to attend school. These vaccines were not just there, someone was required to develop them. To do so, these scientists had to run tests and experiments on lab animals. Companies should not be banned from using animals in testing new products, drugs, and vaccines to determine if they are safe for human use.
Animal experimentation, or animal testing, is the act of using non-human animals in place of humans in toxicity tests, experiments that test genetics, developmental biology, behavioral studies, drugs, cosmetics, education, and many other products. Animal testing started centuries ago for two primary reasons; curiosity and convenience. In the Stone Age, people were curious about all of the various blood vessels and organs that were visible inside a creature’s body. Animals were the alternatives to people because live humans were not available or willing to be operated on to satisfy curiosity. Scientists began to cut into living and dead animals, as well as human corpse to learn about the internal construction and the functions of systems. Because of this, animal experimentation became a primary method for learning about anatomy, physiology, and disease processes. In Europe, the Roman Catholic Church forbade the dissection of human corpses. This church law was followed and enforced throughout the country. If an offender was caught dissecting a human’s body, they could be charged with heresy, or ignoring the church’s teachings, which was punishable by death. The church argued that animals could be tested on instead because they have no souls, so you could cut into them. Some people believed that the absence of soul meant that you could not feel pain. Animal testing led to the creation of many vaccines such as Plague, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, the extraction of hormones, and the isolation of insulin to treat diabetes.
Companies should not be banned from using animals in testing new products, drugs, and vaccines to determine if they are safe for human use. It is possible to duplicate unhealthy human conditions in more than one species of animal which makes animals of value for testing. Data obtained through animal experimentation can be applicable to humans (Judson). Scientific data indicates that 97.7% of the DNA in apes and humans is the same, while 98.7% of the DNA in chimpanzees and humans is the same. Animal rights activists argue that animals do not have the same body structure or functions as humans so testing would waste time, money, and possibly an animal’s life. What these activists are unaware of is the fact that most mammals have DNA structures that match human genes by at least 90% (Mur). Animal testing became legal in the United...

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