Controversy Of Abortions Essay

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Controversy of Abortions

The topic of abortion is one of the most controversial and sensitive for the society and myself. The debates and confrontations between two opposite groups of opinion are long and sometimes even brutal. Both sides have strong supporting arguments: pro-lifers base on moral principals, which is life before birth, while pro-choicers defend political and social rights, such as right to privacy and right of choice. Neither side can be absolutely right or wrong; basically it is a matter of personal opinion. Mine is that although the abortion is originally wrong, in many cases it must be a legal option.
Abortion is immoral. The statement "a woman has a right to her body" has two weak points. First, unlike her arms, for example, a fetus inside her body is not a part of her body; it is a form of life begun at conception. This new living being has a unique genetic set, totally different from the mother's cells. The inherited characteristics are established right at the stage of combination of two sex cells, and they will never change. The fetus is growing, reacting, developing, and replacing it's own cells. Moreover, it feels pain... A film using special technology shows the behavior of a child in the womb trying to resist a special device before it tears off the head… It is alive and it is a human life. Consequently, the second point is arising. The idea of woman's right brutally ignores the unborn child's right to his or her body. Why he or she has to see the light to be granted this essential right? It is hard to compare this right with a personal or economical comfort of a "would have been" mother.
Unfortunately, the morality is not the only one thing that rules in the real life. Accidental pregnancies happen to millions of women every year. It's a natural thing. Ideally, it can be avoided. Everything should be done to prevent this situation, everybody should be responsible for his or her actions. However, people fail, and not only because of lack of education or responsibility, but also because of simple contraceptives unavailability. At this stage, a woman face a perspective of bearing and having an unplanned and consequently, unwanted child.

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