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Comfort Of Our Own Homes Essay

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Comfort Of Our Own Homes

Violence is very wide spread in society today and is growing at an alarming rate among
our children. Everyday we seem to hear of children beating on one another, ganging up
on the elderly, invading homes, and even murdering people. One has to question how
much effect different sorts of media have on our children. From the time we are very
young we can be exposed to seeing and hearing horrible acts of violence on the television and radio, and through video games. Sadly, I believe this is where it all starts - in the comfort of our own homes. Over and over again children watch violent programs and play video games with the goal of killing others. Eventually many of them find it amusing and enjoyable to see others being hurt and killed. Parents, in general, are not protecting their kids from this invasion of media violence.

Many children laugh at violence and think it’s funny to hurt others. According to
David Grossman, a former psychology professor and author of a Pulitzer-nominated book
on the psychology of violence, the most dangerous of all media is that which teaches the
child to laugh. “ Once you get beyond the early age where kids are stunned and
mesmerized by TV and can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, you find they begin to laugh at the violence”. (Grierson, Adbusters 2) Children who view a lot of
television become hardened to violence. “ Media violence systematically brutalizes and
desensitizes its recruits”.(Grierson, Adbusters 1) Children are entertained by violence so often on television that they no longer find it offensive. Watching programs that glorify violence, such as “Monday Night Wrestling”, give children the impression that hurting others is amusing. “Even though young children have some understanding of what it means to pretend, they are developmentally unable to distinguish clearly between fantasy and reality.” (Grierson, Adbusters 1)

Children not only commit acts of violence but they actually enjoy it. They are
conditioned to enjoy violence from an early age, often while curled up on the living room couch. “Children watch vivid pictures of human suffering and death, and they learn to associate it with their favorite soft drink and candy bar”. (Grierson, Adbusters 2)
Many times over, disgusting scenes are viewed with Mom and Dad during family times together.

“TV violence does not kill you. It destroys your violence immune system and conditions
you to derive pleasure from destruction.” (Grierson, Adbusters 2) Kids who play video
games get a sense of pleasure...

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