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Conventional Eurocentrism Opposed: Destiny Disrupted Essay

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It is approximated that the Australopithecus, a hominid, lived approximately four to one million years ago. From that point in time, the world history of humans has been an exhaustive, arduous task to document. With that in mind, world historians attempt to capture the events most important to the development of contemporary humanity. In fact, Tamim Ansary states that “World history, after all, is not a chronological list of every damn thing that ever happened; it’s a chain of only the most consequential events, selected to reveal the arc of the story-it’s the arc that counts.” Some have taken a European approach to the restrictions, but in response to such thought, Tamim Ansary’s Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes presents a sequential restating of history through an Islamic viewpoint. From the beginning of Islam with Muhammad to recent happenings, like 9/11, Ansary presents Islamic history in a larger context to commendably combine said history with world history. Furthermore, Ansary claims that Islamic history has often been seen as a side to Western history, as Western history has “prevailed and churned” Islamic history, although it has it is crucially significant in the larger context of world history. In the larger sense, Ansary proves his argument that Islamic history has developed independently and is important, but he does not project the importance of the Islamic history over European history.
Ansary draws multifariously from sources to corroborate his argument. For illustration, Ansary utilizes hadith to prove his points. Furthermore, Ansary admits that hadith may not be dependable, but Ansary focuses on that they demonstrate the quintessence of an attitude present in the masses. Normally, due to the method of delivery of hadith, hadith are not considered credible sources, especially with reference to political events, the focus of Ansary. However, Ansary seldom utilizes hadith to substantiate a political history, but rather an attitude or idea of the people. Largely, however, Ansary absorbs evidence from reliable sources, such as Noura Durkee, Huseyin Abiva, and Albert Hourani, as well as University of Chicago and Oxford University. As a result, Ansary writes with employment of accurate and comprehensive evidence, since he relies on resources that are accurate, generally. In doing so, he is perceived as credible.
Ansary presents a chronologically organized chronicle spliced into 17 sections that range from 0 AH to 1421 AH, in years subsequent to the Hijra, customarily designated as 622 C.E. and is the migration of Muhammad to Medina. As a result, Ansary offers a different periodization from the Islamic point-of-view. Overall, stylistically, Ansary, by presenting fact as a fictional narrative, differs from other historical compositions in applying a simplistic and clear style. As a result, Ansary intends Destiny Disrupted for an audience composing more than just the scholarly, as he constructs a...

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