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Conventional Medical And Cam Treatments Essay

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In the Webster’s Dictionary it is stated that conventional medicine includes treatments that are chemically produced in labs specifically for curing those with diseases and is offered to patients by most, if not all, hospitals. Conventional treatments can include; chemical medications, radiation therapies, and surgeries. CAM stands for Complementary and alternative medicine, it includes treatments for illnesses that are naturally produced. CAM treatment can include; herbal medications, acupuncture, therapies, and relaxation techniques. Throughout the century the amount of patients who have an aversion to conventional medicine has increased (Astin, 1998). A reason for this increase is the belief that “alternative treatments offer more control over health care decisions, and alternatives are seen as more compatible with the patient’s values, worldview, beliefs regarding the nature and meaning of illness and health” or a person truly believes that they can be cured of their ailment by the use of only CAM treatments (Astin, 1998). Other reasons for the aversion to conventional treatments may include; poor perceived health, family use of CAM, recommendation by close social contacts, strong adherence to traditional health beliefs and middle age (Lee, 2004). While the use of conventional medical treatments has decreased, the usage of CAM treatments has increased within the last century (Eberhardt and Saydah, 2006). However, only less than 30% of CAM users in the past 12 months said that they had talked to their healthcare professional about the use of CAM in their treatment (Eberhardt and Saydah, 2006). Those that use CAM include about half of the patients diagnosed with a chronic disease such as; cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, and strokes (Lee, 2004). Complementary and alternative medical treatments are often used to treat allergies. Some of these allergies that CAM treatments are used to diagnose and treat includes; specific allergies, seasonal allergies, and asthma (Niggemann and Grüber, 2003). CAM treatments are also used to treat other illnesses where conventional medicine can only offer relief and not a cure (Niggemann and Grüber, 2003). However, a plethora of patients chose to use CAM treatments without performing the correct actions beforehand. The correct actions that are necessary include; research on the treatments and the illness, as well as having a consultation with the patient’s physician (Robotin, 2010). Doctors should advise their patients to stop using CAM treatments instead of conventional treatments because the dangers of using CAM treatments instead of conventional treatments are unknown, CAM treatments are not as effective as patients believe them to be, and conventional medicine is the only known way to completely heal or cure a disease.
During a consultation the physician should advise against the use of CAM treatments because the dangers of CAM treatments are unknown due to the lack of research (Eisenberg,...

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