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Conversation Essay

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Like the intricate braids woven from the fringe of a rebozo, Sandra Cisneros’s Caramelo collects many loose ends of untold cuentos, along with the forgotten historias and knots them into sophisticated and interconnected pattern. Pulling strands stories from her family’s past, cultural myths, textbook histories, and pure imagination, Cisneros had portrayed the story of her life about the little girl Celaya makes her way into womanhood.
The transformation of the Celaya does not happen immediately in the first part of the novel. It was pointed out clearly because the Awful Grandmother does not want her granddaughter to have a rebozo yet. The caramelo rebozo is an object that has been passed ...view middle of the document...

Kids cannot control their emotions. They are like the timing bombs that can explode at any moment if the trigger is pulled. In this case, Celaya’s reaction reflects who she truly is at the moment: a young, reckless, and naive little girl. The better part comes after this when Celaya is confused. She does not understand “why everyone is angry just because we eat in a restaurant” (Cisneros 66). The author would have never expected that expressing her happiness could create such a tragic consequence.
A person cannot stay young (mentally) forever if he wants to become an adult. As she grows up, Lala becomes more mature. She knows what she should say to make the situations better. While driving to Chicago, the atmosphere reaches its climax due to a huge argument between her grandmother and her mother. When her father asks if she is tired, Celaya could have clearly says that “who wouldn’t be depressed in this family?” (Cisneros 238) just to let everybody know about her feeling. Yet, she chooses to stay silence and changes the topic afterward. This is a much better reaction that you would expect from a teenager, especially from girls since they mature faster than boys. Another example is the criticizing of the Awful Grandmother about her appearance. Girls tend to be really offensive when someone talks bad about their appearances. They can turn into a different person who you have never known or met before. The Awful Grandmother says that her granddaughter is “as big as a Russian” (Cisneros 258) and not very feminine. No girl wants to hear that, especially from your grandmother who could encourage or at least give you a few tips to be more feminine. Of course, Celaya is angry and tells her grandmother to “leave her the hell alone” (Cisneros 258). However, she chooses to reply wisely by not being offensive to her elder.
While Celaya knows from experience to shield herself from the attacks of her grandmother, in her vulnerable transitional stage, she begins to agree with the criticisms: “I guess I inherited the worst of both families […] The last thing I need is the Grandmother pointing out my charms. No wonder I’m always depressed” (Cisneros 258). The author shows us here that Celaya understands her appearance does not fit her grandmother’s definition of beauty, and she recognizes this difference as a flaw that must be overcome.
But Celaya’s feelings of alienation and discomfort get worse before they get better. During that same vacation, she begins her first menstrual cycle and force to seek for help from The Awful Grandmother. The one and only woman that was available around at the time, and yet insults her: “You mean to say your ‘rule’ hasn’t descended yet? A big lug of a girl like you?” (Cisneros 260) Celaya feels even more isolated and anomalous because as she explains that her flow is not like the “nervous drip like a leaky faucet” that her friends experienced; instead, she says it is “like the body swallowing backward. But from down there”...

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