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Conversion Of Paper Record To Electronic Record

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the key impacts on how staff and teams are organized are similar. The most important questioned to address may not be how are staff currently being reorganized in the wake of new technologies, but rather how should staff best be deployed to take full advantages of the potential available. Other than that, to manage electronic records, we need records manager who had skills and information on how to handle the tools to manage those records. Before these recent years, all the records are being managed in form of paper based, so it must be difficult for the records managers who are more familiar with records in paper based to become expert in managing electronic records. They need to be train ...view middle of the document...

3.2 Problem while scanning
The other challenges after conversion of paper record to electronic record are problem while scanning. However, the greatest challenges with which digital systems that present us are the creation and maintenance of reliable records and the preservation of their authenticity over time. Once, we want to convert the paper records to electronic records, we will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read all the text in paper records. OCR is the capability to recognize paper documents and output formatted, full-editable both text and graphics to a word processor format. The process of the character recognition involves preprocessing the image orientation and zoning, segmentation which is of letters and words, font recognition, engine operation and output formatting. Each individual character comprises multiple dotes and OCR engines use templates matching to identify the characters. This method actually very useful when used in a specific domain where font does not vary. But, sometimes there are problem that occur which is OCR could not detect the text and also sometimes, OCR give different word from the original records. So, it will change the originality of the records. It required the records manager to check it one by one to ensure the originality of records can be maintained. Other than that, the documents in paper based are so many which use from before. So, to convert in from paper based to electronic records must be difficult. Even we can use (OCR) to read all the text in the documents, but how long the time that they need to take to complete the process in converting of paper records to electronic record.
3.3 Need special care for the maintenance of an electronic record and media
Besides that, the maintenance of electronic records and media, there is often presumption that because information is stored in the computer or on disk tape, it is somehow automatically preserved for all time. Unfortunately, electronic storage media can easily become unreadable over the time due to physical, chemical or other deterioration. Its need a special care and precautionary measures must be taken to avoid the loss of the records stored in electronic media. Compare to the paper records, electronic records need to be more care because of its sensitivity. Other than that, there are no permanent storage media. Hard drives, CDs, Magnetic tape or any other storage formats will need to be tested and replaced on a regular schedule. Proactive management is required to avoid catastrophic loss of records. An electronic record also needs the special care because of the authenticity of the record. It can be easy to create copies of the electronic records and share them with others, but this can be raise concern about the authenticity of the records. It needed extra security and also extra care to ensure that the records are not changed inappropriately. According to Luciana Duranti (2010), no one system that you buy will solve all the...

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