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3.7 Technological obsolescence
The other challenge is the technological obsolescence. As a result of the rapid growth of the electronics industry, many of the electronic parts in products have a procurement life cycle that is significantly shorter than the life cycle of the system they go into a part becomes obsolete when it is no longer manufactured, either because demand has dropped to low enough levels of the manufactures choose not to make it or because materials or technologies necessary to produce it are no longer available. The applicable definition of software obsolescence varies depending on the system that uses the software and where and how that system is being used. Perhaps the ...view middle of the document...

Skills project might be used to clarify skills needs for the other projects or they may have broader aims to improve skills levels generally. Other than that, it should be consider the goals carefully as they will greatly influence other project parameters. Actually, perform skills project can help the organization to access what the organization requires of staff performing records management functions in measurable terms. Other than that, the staff would understand the existing level of records management skills in the organization. This project would train the staff not only on how to manage well the records but also become familiar and expert with electronic records. This project can raise the awareness of the importance of the electronic records in an organization. Besides that this project can also encourage and support for the continual development of staff to meet their responsible towards the management of the electronic records. Besides that, this project can ensure that staffs in all parts of the organization are fully aware of, and meeting their responsibilities for records management functions.
4.2 Planning Budgeting
Funding was shown to be critical to maintain of many of the factors. With money, the organization could hire skilled staff, used the latest technology to manage the electronic records, and could upgrade the security of the organization and the other essential requirements for the organization maintenance. The organizations should intelligently plan the budgeting. When allocating their finance for an Electronic Records Management system (ERMs), they need to make a room in their budget for the implementation process. Also, know of hidden costs that many times do not seem for a few years. For example, many people do not add the software maintenance and support costs to their estimates. The reason why the organization need to plan their budgeting because they need to consider about the limited life of the maintenance and media. Because of the rapidly changing of the technology, the organization must give more attention to this. Actually, a budgeting involves the distribution of resources among competing activities and programmed or services. When the staff financial does the budgeting to the organization, the cost of providing any services can be reliably estimated. The planning future activities are made possible in the light of expected income and expenditure.
In order to manageable, the problem has to first be predictable. Predictability can happen at several levels, first, one may can simply have relative knowledge that one part by virtue of its function is likely to have a obtaining life cycle that is shorter than another part. New IT investments are often to put on hold as a result of budget limit. But with an increasing number of deals like those from Hewlytt Packard (HP) and SMBs can still invest in IT and yet enjoy improvements to their bottom line. Abandoning old technology for the new allows the...

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