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Conversion therapy is a range of pseudo-scientific treatments that aim to change a homosexual to a heterosexual. Sigmund Freud studied a lesbian patient when her father insisted his daughter to convert into heterosexuality. What Freud learned that changing one sexuality is difficult and unlikely. He believed that homosexuality is not a illness, stated that it is “nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as an illness.” But in the 1940s to 1950s Edmund Bergler saw homosexuality as a disease and could be cured by punishment based, confrontational therapy. These treatments include shock treatment, hypnosis, and aversion therapy. This type of therapy has caused controversy in America, especially in the south. It is not a professional psychological treatment, there are no professional guidelines for how it is conducted. People who have undergone conversion therapy have reported experienced increased anxiety and depression. Usually the therapists promise parents and clients a life without homosexuality but the end results are that the clients are not satisfied with their “normal” life . Conversion therapy should be banned in our country, because no one should ever go under such horrible treatment.

Patrick Strudwick a happily gay man from Britain went undercover as a man who wanted to become heterosexual again. His investigation started in April 2009 when he attended a conference that took place in London for therapists and psychiatrists to learn how to convert a patient back into heterosexuality. Two therapists offered him treatment. He chose Lesley Pilkington a therapist. Few weeks later he was at her home with a Dictaphone taped to his stomach, Pilkington was trying to find wounds that led to his homosexuality. She asks Strudwick if he ever gotten sexually abused, he said no but she believes that he has and starts to pray "Father, we give you permission to bring to the surface some of the things that have happened over the years.". Pilkington gave Strudwick advice on becoming a heterosexual by doing more masculine activities such as rugby and distance from friends who are homosexuals. Strudwick eventually sued Pilkington of her awful business and she was suspended from her work. The British Association For Counseling and Psychotherapy, the largest professional body for therapists stated that her work was mixed with her personal views with business.
The treatments usually used in conversion therapy are unusual and not safe. Therapists “pray the gay away” and perform exorcisms on the patient hoping to get rid of the “sin” of homosexuality. They also use aversion therapy which is when they drug a patient and show them same sex erotica hoping that would change the patients mind of being interested in the same sex. But this treatment only changes behaviors. In conversion therapy they strictly enforce gender reinforcement, lesbians are expected to participate in more feminine roles, for example they are taught to sew, ...

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