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Conveying Culture Character By Character Essay

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In Federico Garcia Lorca's surrealist play, Blood Wedding, the characters remain extremely influenced by their culture. The setting occurs in a small region of Southern Spain- Andalusia. This part of Spain is very rural and poverty-stricken. Though this region has been poor for decades, during the 1930s, when the Spanish Civil War began, the entire country began suffering financially. In times of desperation, the Andalusian people took pride in non-tangible objects. Their culture was based off of pride, like their last name, the women's purity, and the fruitfulness of their land. Characters in the play, the Bridegroom, his Mother, and the Bride's Servant all followed their cultural values strictly. They passionately conveyed the importance of their culture throughout the play. In the play, Federico Garcia Lorca reveals the remote yet traditional culture of his Andalusian characters in Blood Wedding through showing how the Bridegroom, his Mother and the Bride’s Servant react when put in situations that include the issue of the ideology of men being dominant, while the suppressed women are characterized to be feeble and directed, and how these characters react when they are faced with rebellious others.
The Mother, a foil to the rambunctious Bride, follows the Andalusian culture diligently, for she knows no difference. The Mother did as what the society expected her to. Woman were suppose go do four things: maintain their family pride by retaining their innocence until marriage, marry an Andalusian man, tend to that man's needs, and become a caring mother who raises her children to follow the culture. The Mother was a dedicated Andalusian woman too, not only did she support the culture, she truly believed in it. The Mother embraced the thought of men "left (leaving) son(s) on every corner. That's what I like. Men, men, wheat, wheat" (1007). Mother wanted more Andalusian children and though she, herself did not have a plentiful amount of children, she believed "the more the merrier," as shown by her desire for "six grandchildren- or many as you (the Bridegroom) want, since your father didn't live to give them to me" (1008). Mother also knew that a woman's place belonged in the household, and did not dare question that. "It's been twenty years since I've been up to the top of the street," she told the neighbor boastfully because she takes pride in obeying their culture. Mother supports the role of an Andalusian mother and housewife and conveys their importance (or lack of) to the Andalusian culture.
The Bridegroom, due to being properly raised by his Mother to obey their customs, demonstrates how an Andalusian man should act. Men felt the need to be dominant in this society, and let all whom it concerns to know it also. Bridegroom informs the Bride how he plans to “hug you (bride) for fourty years,” because “My arms are strong” (1026). He portrays his control over her, his masculinity, and his strength before the marriage ceremony. Bridegroom...

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