Convicted Murderer Who Never Murdered Anyone, Charles Manson

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Those are the words of a convicted serial killer who never actually murdered a single person in his life, Charles Manson. Conversely he orchestrated members of the group that became known as the Manson Family to carry the murders out. Manson was born “no name Maddox” on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born to Kathleen Maddox, an unmarried 16-year-old prostitute who frequently drank. His mother married a laborer named William Manson weeks after his birth and was given the name Charles Milles Manson, taking his stepfathers last name.

When Charles was five years old, his mother was sentenced to five years imprisonment for robbing a service station in West Virginia in 1939. Custody was given by the state to his Uncle and Aunt, he lived with them in McMechen, West Virginia. In 1942, Charles Manson was eight years old his mother was paroled and she reclaimed him. They spent the next several years living in cheap hotels with various men. And in 1947 his mother tried having Manson placed in a foster home, but none were available.
At the age of twelve, Manson was taken away from his mother by the court and sent to the Gibault School for Boys in Terre Haute, Indiana. Ten months later he ran away, and turned to crime in order to survive .He was later caught stealing a bike and was sent to a juvenile center in Indianapolis. At the age of thirteen Manson committed his first armed robbery, with another boy at a grocery store. He was caught and sent to Indiana Boys School,where he tried to escape many times and finally did at the age of sixteen with two others in 1951. He continued to rob and steal in order to support himself. He robbed a car and drove it over state boundary, driving a car over a state line is a federal crime. He was captured in Beaver, Utah
and sent to National Training School for Boys. In 1954, Manson was paroled he was nineteen years old.
After he was released Manson met a young waitress named Rosaline Jean Willis, and they began a relationship. In 1955 they married, and to make a living Manson worked two small jobs and also stole cars. Shortly again Manson was arrested driving a stolen car with his now pregnant wife over a state line, and charged with a federal offense. This time he was given five years probation after being evaluated by a psychiatrist. Manson broke his probation shortly after and was sentenced to three years at Terminal Island Reformatory
in San Pedro, California. He tried escaping and five years were added to his sentence. His wife gave birth to Charles Manson Jr. In 1967 Rosaline Jean Willis divorced Manson, and he never had contact with her or his son again. Conversely Manson created a new family for himself instead.
A brutal killing spree in the summer of 1969 perplexed police and petrified residents of California’s wealthiest communities. There was a total of nine dead bodies and three murder scenes. Among the killed were a wealthy heiress from a famous family, a well known Hollywood...

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