Conway's Childhood And How It Made Her Into The Person She Is Later In Life

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In chapter five, the section about Conway's schooling works in many ways to draw certain moments and conclusions in the story. As discussed in draft two, Conway did not fit in very well at school, she went through three schools before she finally felt at ease at the third one. Although she was at a school she felt comfortable with, Jill still had social difficulties. As she states, "I was...socially inept. I never understood the unspoken rule with required that one display false modesty and hang back...I also took a long time to learn the social hierarchies of the place." (106)As I discussed in draft one, the section about setting, set up the story because it allowed you to know why Conway was the way she was in chapter five and the way her socialization structures were not very strong. The setting lets you in on what the place looked like, and where she lived. There were not any children around her age and many of the people she was around were adults. Being placed into a school where most of her life was not brought up around children her own age must have been hard trying to adapt.The way that drafts one and two work to show how it made her into the person she is later in the book, is when she describes her intellectual development and the way in which society holds back women. For example, Conway describes her experience in when she applies for an important traineeship with the Department of External Affairs while she was at the University of Sydney. She is denied the position because she is female.She states, "I could scarcely believe that my refusal was because I was a woman" (191) Conway admits that the British essential educational system in Australia ultimately fails her when she states, " I had to come to an intellectual dead end in Australia" (233) For this reason and her mothers attempt to spoil her ambition, Conway decides to pursue her graduate studies at Harvard University in the United States.That helps to reveal a conclusion about Conway and how she felt her education and her gender held her back to receive a job position that she wanted. By combining the two important factors from draft one and draft two easily understanding why those things happened to her is really easy to understand.In draft one she sets up the story and gives you a lot of detail about her homeland, and then enlightens you on how her life was where she lived along with how the characters were and what they did. Knowing that information helps you understand why the events in draft two take place. By having that information it both literally and figuratively maps out her early life, placing emphasis on the geographical location and the importance it made to her as an adult. Her life as a little girl in Australia shaped her view toward the world, just as our backgrounds have shaped who we are.As much as she loved Australia and talked about its beautiful landscape she acclaims it to be an important factor in whom she is. By understanding both draft one and draft...

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