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Cookies And Hot Chocolate Essay

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"I'm back." Aleks called into the hallway of the creature house with small sneeze escaping after. He shivered as he felt his skin relax to the new heat source.
He unbuttoned his coat and practically tore off the layers of wet sticky clothing that stuck to all of the curves on his body. When he received no reply he popped his head into the living room where both the lights and TV were off, which was unusual. Usually someone was sprawled over the sofa with munchies strewn around the floor by now.
He was expecting James to be sitting playing a game before dinner or something and Seamus sprawled over the floor begging James to stop trying to beat him.
"Hello?” He said a little louder. He knew Jordan wasn’t going to be here at least, where is everyone else?
Maybe they've gone last minute Christmas shopping, which would be typical of them. Aleks chuckled as he walked towards the kitchen to see if they left him a note.
So when he entered to see Eddie standing there, leaning against the counter, with his ankles crossed out in front of him, arms bent with hands against the tabletop and a rose trapped in his mouth, he couldn't stop the surprise that entered his voice.
"Eddie? What are you doing here? What's going on?"
Eddie gave his award winning giggle and removed the rose from his mouth. He held his hand out to me and I hesitantly let him grab my hand and twirled me in a circle. He held the rose out to me and bowed rather dramatically looking up to wink.
"My love! Won’t you accept my rose?”
Aleks slipped on a smile for a moment before taking the delicate flower into finger tips and twirling it around. He let himself take in the sweet smell of it before looking up to meet his eyes. "So what's this for?"
"Am I not allowed to be romantic, oh and lovable, oh and obviously perfect every once in a while?” He grinned.
"And on the topic of being completely romantic why don’t we add on irresistible?” He trailed off as he looked up. Aleks followed his gaze and saw that hanging from the light was a sprig of fresh mistletoe. "And being irresistible, I’m allowed to kiss you right now.”
They looked back at each other smiling and leaned in for a sweet, lingering kiss. Aleks wrapped his arms around Eddie’s neck as Eddie did with Aleks waist.
"Mhm? Who said I wanted a kiss?" Aleks...

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