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Norween SalalacMs. AlicusicESL 1504/11/2014Christine Rosen author of "People of the Screen," states that the competition between the book and the screen could lead to the possibility that no books will be published anymore. The different types of literacy, especially digital literacy, serve as proofs that people have moved away from traditional notions of reading. The Rosen states that reading might also have an end because it has history, but it is hard to say when that end might come and how the shift from print literacy to digital literacy will transform the reading brain and culture that supported reading. In my annotated bibliography, it will help surrounding factors of using e-readers by replacing print literacy and give further details about each factor.Lee Sanders research article evaluates the pervasiveness of low health literacy among minorities, the readability of common children's-health data, relationship between literacy and children's health in the United States. The connection between literacy and child health remain vague. However, we know little about the clinical importance of any relationship between literacy generally, health literacy, children's health in the United States and other industrialized nations. The purpose of this article is to measure the current peer-reviewed literacy as it relays to child wellbeing in the United States. Centered on this research are future opportunities that result in clinically significant research. It was a useful starting point for writing this paper because of its scholarly article this is a valuable for my research.Marcia Clemmitt evaluates the digital technology which is becoming increasingly common in K-12 education. Clemmitt argues that it will save a significant amount of money and change schools into much efficient institutions. In addition, students just learning to read which follows a routine from reading passages out loud, but since the society has been digitalized we are able to use computers to play the role of a teacher by correcting the students' pronunciations. Therefore this will evaluate their progress over time. Such improvements are part of a much grand movement to mix technology into the classrooms for students to learn. Moreover, technology threatens employment of teachers' since they're being replaced by technology to their jobs. The purpose of this research article is to give a spectrum of technology replacing classroom teachers for how students can learn more from computers to further save money and make the school efficient institution. This can be used to help make an argument that digital literacy is replacing print literacy.Morten Soby highlights in this book the two main kinds of digital literacy: The conceptual definition of digital literacy is the ability to read and write, and now meaning the ability to comprehend information however presented. It is to state the different roles of digital literacy in many lives in how capable many are at deciphering...

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1021 words - 5 pages much on your monthly bill. - It’s not noisy and cools a good sized bedroom. - No installation required. You get it out of the box and simply plug it. It’s done. - It functions as expected of an air cooler. The Cons: It offers soothing effect to ease warm climate yet obviously do not match to the cooling effect of air conditioners. - During hot climate, the unit cools a smaller area so if you want to enjoy its cooling benefit, you need to place it

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