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Cop Killers Original Writing Essay

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Cop Killers - Original Writing

It was a hot sunny afternoon in Boston, Massachusetts. There was a
light breeze and the streets were quiet. P.C. Coleman was out
completing his rounds, down Baker Street, a right into Oaks Road and
finally a stop at Beechside Square in the heart of town. After pulling
over a young driver for speeding he parked in a lay-by opposite a
confectionary shop and began to fill in the necessary paperwork. He
called in to head office over his car radio to tell them that he had
completed his rounds and was preparing to go home. He looked out of
his window and saw a black BMW parked outside the shop. Out of the
corner of his eye he saw a dark figure cross in front of his car, He
turned suddenly and then realized that he was looking down the barrel
of a gun.

“We are investigating the murder of Police Constable Mathew Coleman.
He had called in to head office after completing his rounds when
suddenly he was attacked and ended up on the receiving end of a brutal
assault, which led to his untimely death. Forensic detectives are
currently investigating some evidence found close to the crime scene;
they have told us that he was shot four times in the abdominal area.
Police firearm experts have identified the gun as a semi-automatic,
16mm pistol, which are usually used within the United States Special
Forces. The attack took place close to Joeys Confectionaries at around
6:30 yesterday. We have a couple of leads, but a lot of witnesses have
reported seeing a black BMW near to the crime scene. If any body saw
this car or has any other information please contact us as quickly as

Police reports were all over the television, radio stations, magazines
and yet, one week after the murder, the police didn’t have a single
suspect. None of the forensic evidence could help to find the killers
identity and no more witnesses had contacted them. A further week had
passed when news of another killing just off of the coast of New York.
The NYPD (New York Police Department) faxed through the full
investigation details to the Boston force in charge of the earlier
assault to try to find a link between the two cases.

Finally the first breakthrough in the case, it turned out that the
same gun was used in both attacks. The problem was that the police
were still no closer to solving the case than what they were right
from the start. At this time the police were becoming more and more
anxious about when or where the next attack would be. All police
departments were told to always be with a partner when out in uniform
so that they would not be the next victim. More and more civilians
became aware of the anxiety within the police force and then they two
became scared and worried about the man that they knew only by the
name of ‘the

Cop killer’.

The New York...

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