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A college graduate has many more fuffiling benifits over a non-graduate. Having a degree comes with many rewards such as the benifit of knowledge and skills, financial benifits, and social benifits. The benifits that come along with a college degree shows that graduating college does pay off in more ways than one. Employers are more likely to higher someone who obtains knowlege and skills in their field of work compared to someone without a degree. The financial benifits of a college graduate are substantially higher than the financial situation of a non-graduate. The social benifits that come along with a college degree also are benificial not only to one self but to their community. The benifits of a college graduate compared to a non-graduate are considerably greater and more rewarding.
Being a college graduate comes along with the benifits of knowledge and skill. The more education one has, the more information they obtain. Degree holders choose healthier lifestyles according to the College Board Education Pays report (2010). The report states college graduates are less likely to smoke and more likely to exersize compared to high school graduates. Also with the knowledge and skill comes a steady job. Employers are going to higher a person who has more skills and knowledge, proving so with a degree, over a person who has less knowledge and skills in a certain area. Obtaining the knowledge and skills will also allow one to gain the recognition one deserves in the work place along with getting one to their goal career. The benifits of knowledge and skill are gained when one graduates college.
Graduating college will garauntee financial benifits for one with a degree. Education does pay off. According to College Board, one with a degree has a higher pay. Degree owners in 2008 made $21,900 more than what one with a high school diploma would make. Also one with a college degree will be more educated to make decisions such as loans and investment plans. Graduating college also has the benifit of being financially stable, or being able to live each day comfortably without money being an issue. With many careers that require degrees come employer provided health care. A report by the College Board in 2008 shows that 70% of college graduates had health care provided by their employer, while only 50% of high school graduates had their health care covered by their employer. The financial benifits of graduating college are worth getting a degree.
Social benifits come along with graduating college. As one can imagine, one with a degree would have much more social benifits. A social benifit of a college graduate is healtheir longer lives. Also the benifit of helping the economy grow and...

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