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Coppares Canada And Austria. Shows Political And Cultural Similarities And Contrasts Between Two Essentially Non Connected Countries.

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In this essay, a small number of similarities and differences between Canada and a foreign country (Austria) will be examined and discussed. The purpose of this is to gain knowledge into the foreign country (Austria) as well as to show political and cultural similarities and contrasts between two essentially non-connected countries.The War of 1812 / The War of LiberationIn 1812, conflict broke out on the Canada/US border. Angered by the British harassment of U.S. vessels and by its interference in U.S. expansion plans, a number of influential congress members known as the "War Hawks" argued strongly for war against Britain. They claimed victory would be quick and easy.It was neither. The war was not actually a war, nor was there an actual victor. British forces, working together with volunteer militia units, successfully held the American forces at bay. Ironically enough, most of the volunteer militia consisted of recent U.S. immigrants, who chose to fight their so-called liberators.In the end, with both parties weary of war, the U.S. and Canada agreed to an armistice. The official documents were signed on Christmas Eve, 1814.The War of Liberation however, was fought for much different reasons. Prince von Metternich was convinced that the only way to keep the Habsburg monarchy secure was to keep the balance of power in Europe stable. When he saw Napoleon was pressing for war again, he decided that the only way to keep the balance stable was to attack France. So, in August 1813, Austria formally declared war on France.In the ensuing War of Liberation, Austria played the leading role, providing both troops and commanders. Metternich did not seek to vanquish Napoleon completely, as this would tip the scales in Russia's favor. However, he could not convince Napoleon of his beliefs, and in the end Austria took part in Napoleon's defeat and exile to Elba in 1814.The two wars had greatly differing goals and outcomes. The War of 1812 was fought in protest of increasing British pressure on the U.S., and had no victors, only a sustained deadlock. The War of Liberation, however, had a much bigger purpose. Metternich used it to try to restore the balance of power in Europe. In the end he failed, and Russia's influence increased.Industrial Revolution / The Great MigrationThe Industrial revolution stemmed from set of related and coincidental factors in Britain. Britain was richly endowed with coal and iron ore, easily navigable waterways, and easily traversible coasts. It was a center of international trade, and the relatively open social structure made upward mobility common, and gave an incentive for the accumulation of wealth. New knowledge, especially in the sciences, was freely disseminated, breeding an inventiveness and willingness to accept change. 18th century British society provided the perfect framework for the impending revolution.The revolution began on farms. In an effort to increase efficiency of farmland, common pastures and fields were...

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