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Copper Essay

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Copper has recently become a popular element in many countries around the world. Form London to China to right here at home copper is affecting how many people and changing how people live by provided the vital gift of power. People are robbing houses and stealing copper out of the walls to make money because of the spike in prices for copper. All of this fuss from one element has raised many people’s viewpoints on copper and its value to many has risen dramatically.
Copper is becoming a more likely item to steal because of the raise in demand and price of copper. This element is being used for construction to power usage to decoration. According to Reuters article on copper, December has been the priciest month for copper up to date and the prices continue to rise daily. One of the main countries demanding this transition metal is in fact China, but the rest of the world is in pursuit of the element right behind China as copper gains its lead way into the higher power of money.
To figure out the reasons that copper has begun its elevation in price, one must first look at the overall make up of the element and how the element is used. The basics of copper are that its atomic number is twenty-nine, which means it has a total of twenty-nine protons. Also its element symbol is Cu. Copper has many uses in several different fields of study and careers such as in heat, electricity, agricultural, coins, roofing and decorating. However, since the price rise of copper it has become less typical to be used in outside decorations and used in smaller quanities when used in trimming. Copper is mainly used outside, in piping and wires because of its characteristics. Copper has the charteristics of most transition metals, which is that copper is durable, corrosion-resistant, strong, ductile, and malleable. These properties give copper the means to be used in many different fields and experiments, which explains its constant upward rise in money across the globe.
The biggest need of copper is the uses of it as wires. In the Money Mornings article it talks about how China uses about 40% of all the copper mined and refined in the world. This is because they are using it to “wire in people.” In other terms they are in the making of creating enough electrical wire to provide electricity to over 100 million people in the following decade. Copper is the main reason of China’s growing economy at the moment, but the problems are that China does not have all of the abilities to be able to get all the copper needed. So while Copper could be the rise of China, it could also be the downfall because of China’s dependence on copper.
Copper is becoming so popular not only for its higher prices but what copper has the ability to do. As already mentioned China has a plan to give...

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