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School officials called the police when they heard Cho gunning people down at Virginia Tech. They called the police because they had guns that could stop Cho. Were guns the problem or the solution that day? The answer is that Cho was the problem and guns were the solution. If law abiding students were allowed to carry then their guns would have been the solution delivered long before so many innocent students were killed waiting for the police to arrive” (Gillespie, n.d.) Like in the instance when James Strand stopped Andrew Wurst from reloading his gun and going back into the school dance and shooting more kids (Broderick, 2013). Which was just one of many instances of citizens who have ...view middle of the document...

Criminals don’t abide by the laws that’s why they are called criminals. If somebody wants a gun they’re going to get a gun, point blank.
Many gun activists say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” which is true even though it’s a bad argument, because it begs the question. People that kill other people are criminals. If you regulate guns so that we only have pistols because you think it will stop people from having the ability to commit mass murders then you are ill-informed and need to do your research, because in Germany a place where there are strict gun laws a “Seventeen-year-old Timothy Kretschmer began his rampage in Albertville-Realschule, where he murdered 12 people, most of them women, then carjacked Igor Wolf and forced him to drive Kretschmer to the town of Wendlingen….. He killed 15 and wounded nine, all with a single 9mm pistol” (FLAMEHORSE, 2013). Then if you take the extreme of completely outlawing guns and the criminal happens to not have access to guns they will do it by other means. Like in the United Kingdom nearly all handguns are banned from civilian possession so they find other means of killing one another including acts such as poisoning people, stabbing people, and catching people on fire (FLAMEHORSE, 2013). Like in the instance of the killing of a British man named Bijan Ebrahimi. On July 14th 2013 Lee James beat Mr. Ebrahimi unconscious and, with the help of his next-door neighbor Stephen Norley who dragged Mr. Ebrahimi from his home. Norley then went to fetch some white spirit and Mr. Ebrahimi’s body was set alight (Paul Peachey, 2013). If Mr. Ebrahimi had a gun he could have protected himself as soon as Stephen Norley entered his home. On the other hand, we have Switzerland who has close to the same amount of guns the United States of America does and most of their weapons are guns such as assault rifles and other weapons that have high firing speeds and you don’t see people killing people and suffering from mass murders often there.
Guns are recreational they’re used for fun events like hunting and target shooting. Gun control supporters will argue that we should restrict guns on the basis that we don’t use assault rifles to kill animals. Let’s face it though assault rifles are cool and even if we don’t use it for hunting just going out and firing the bad boy is fun. Plus, if another country ever takes our government over or military we better be ready to retaliate with more than pistols. I want to fight fire with fire. Giving everyone a gun creates a type of equality. A pro athlete has the same chance of surviving as a 60 year old grandma if they both have guns.
Attempting to ban guns will only have the same result as when America attempted to ban alcohol. The black market for guns will skyrocket and many people will die in the process fighting over guns. I believe very few people will heed the criminalization of guns. I also believe that those who have the knowledge of building guns will be greatly...

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