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Copyright Infringement And Illegal File Sharing

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The first IPod I ever used was the iPod mini released in 2004. My sister had gotten it for her thirteenth birthday. I was fascinated with this mp3 player only because the screen could produce images of the album and the dial was interactive. At this point the only way I could listen to music was through my Walkman or cassette player. CDs had reached their prime around this point. The popularity of mp3s players, especially the apple’s iPod, became more popular than portable CDs or cassette players right around the introduction of Apple’s iPod-Mini, the fifth model of its kind. This is about the same time when iTunes’s began to expand its marketplace and make it very accessible for anybody to find any type of music one desired.
As Christmas rolled around the corner all I wanted from my parents was the brand new iPod-Nano. It was smaller than my sister’s mini and held just as much music. Being the spoiled kid I was my parent’s indulged me with a brand new iPod-Nano and a $25 gift card for the iTunes store. 10 year old Jack was unbelievably happy to get $25 dollars worth of songs because that meant I could choose individual songs to buy/listen to without having to buy a cd or album to do that same. After I used up all $25 dollars, I would have to wait for either my birthday or Christmas to buy songs since I never really wanted to buy my own iTunes gift cards due to my frugal behaviors of my youth. I “bought” all my music through gift cards from family members, but I never really used my own money to purchase music.
When I was in sixth grade, I was on YouTube looking at funny videos of people doing wacky stuff (the prime years of YouTube) and I came across a video about downloading music for free. In the description of the video, there was a link for a website called which was a website with a search bar and a logo of a cartoon bomb next to a musical note. The video was comprised of a screenshot video of someone’s desktop computer navigating and proceeding to download mp3s from a website to his computer without the exchange of money. At this point I was out of iTunes gift card money so I decided to try out the website. Once I realized I couldn’t tell the difference between the music I purchased to the content I illegally downloaded, I resumed my illicit downloading activities. As time passed I tried other ways of downloading free music such as the YouTube method. The YouTube method was locating a YouTube video of a song you fancied and copying/pasting the URL of the YouTube video into a file-converter website, where the URL was converted into an mp3 file which then could be downloaded onto your computer. This method revealed to be futile as the quality of the music suffered significantly more compared to directly downloading the mp3 from a website which had the file originally as an mp3 file. I began to become considered with the quality of the music I was illegally downloading which then led me to the world of...

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