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Corcopare Day Care Centers Essay

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Corporate Day-Care To humanize the work setting it would be appropriate to set up day-care facilities at working companies. This gives the working mothers the security that their child is being taken care of within the same premises. Not only will it benefit the mother but also the company, for it would make the company more prosperous. Such cases in which the mother would stay late the mother could finish her work without any worries. Establishing a day-care center will cause no worries for the mother in finding a babysitter, reduce absentees or tardiness of the employees, and parents would be able to spend time with their children. Finding a babysitter can be a difficult task. A mother's worst fear is to find an abusive babysitter for her child. This is much of the case nowadays. TV specials point out cases in which children are often abused by the elders that take care of them and afterwards try to cover the situation. To find a good babysitter the mother must first, go to an agency and ask for a certified babysitter; second, the mother and the agency would have to set an interview date with the babysitter; third, interview the babysitter and examine her references. This could be difficult and time consuming if the mother is working. If day-care is provided by the employer the mother wouldn't miss work. Knowing that the day-care center is within the worksite it would give the mother comfort. The mother would be aware that the babysitters at the center are qualified for the job. In order for a company to be prosperous the employees must attend...

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