Core Competency: Personal And Professional Growth

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Competency 1.16 state to “actively pursues personal and professional growth through continuing education.” Whenever you enter the professional work of any field, you must first decide what your career goals will be for 5 and 10 years ahead. With this, you must also seek to gain insight on how you will contribute to your profession as well as decide what legacy, should you retire, would you want to leave for the rising generation. As you enter into this profession of law librarianship, there is one thing that will be required of you to do which is to provide your employer with your personal and/or professional goal; that is what you would like to accomplish for the upcoming fiscal year. This usually includes training hours and topics that you must complete during that time frame as well. We each go into the field knowing we have classroom knowledge of what to expect “on the job” but know for certain that we have a lot of learning to do that requires some of us coming out of our comfort zone and reaching out to our colleagues, organizations and associations that we have become linked to obtain this form of learning skills that will enhance our professional and for some personal growth. Not only will you realize what you have learned six months ago is outdated and there is “a better way of doing things,” you will learn how to step out, step up and step into developing your professional skills to compete with the high standards that this profession expect. To follow through with competency 1.16, you must comply with your employee work profile, have a philosophy that connects to professional resources such as organization and associations that will complement that which you have learned over the course of your educational experience as a student/novice, and comply with accreditation standards. Obtaining employment to begin your career is a small step to victory.
Your new employer will have interest in your training and may ask for you to develop professional goals for yourself. This can be found in your employee work profile. The profile will provide an overview of what you would like to accomplish for the upcoming fiscal year. Inside the profile, you will list keys goals to address your personal and professional growth; things that will assist you in providing better services to patrons and become an asset to your organization. Some organization (libraries) managers require that you complete a certain amount of training hours that will be geared around your responsibilities to the profession. One training that stands out, especially if you plan on working for a law library or law firm that deals with other countries is the International Association of Law Libraries (IALL). Joseph Semugabi (2013) gave a testament of how he obtained a bursary to attend the IALL conference and described in detail what he gained from the conference that help flourish his role as a law librarian. Semugabi provided a glimpse of what he learned during the conference that...

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