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Coaches and elite athletes forever seek to optimise performance and prevent injury through preventative measures. Core stability encompasses the capacity to govern the situation and movement of the trunk over the pelvis for optimal production, transfer and control of force and motion to external regions. Central core for stabilisation and force production is becoming progressively important to the sporting industry. Core stability is portrayed as critical for efficient biomechanical performance, fundamental in maximising force generation and minimising joint loads in all movements. Movement efficiency, effectiveness, endurance and consistency is colloquially associated with core. ...view middle of the document...

However, according to…., the core controls the faculty of torso muscles that conserve posture and balance. The article concurs balance, strength and posture are integral for many sports. The article infers the body’s centre of gravity, within the core, initiates all movements, and concludes despite the activity, the centre of the body is responsible for the process and outcome. Conversely, …highlights the scientific ambiguity of core musculature contents, and its functions. Although media renders these notions fact, scientists remain skeptical of the relationship between core stability and athletic performance. Correlation is undetermined as functional and core demands are activity or position exclusive. Issues such as elements of core stability most essential to performance, remain unanswered.
Thus, core stability depends on the context in which it is applied. According to Tse et al, core musculature is accountable for the transfer of energy from torso to extremities. Therefore, theoretically it is believed if the extremities are strong and the core weak, decrease muscular summation through the core results in less force production and inefficient movement. Hibbs et al proposes elite athletes require greater core stability for performance than everyday activities to enhance athletic function. Definitions suggest core stability involves dynamically controlling and transferring forces from extremities through the core to maximise performance and promote efficient biomechanics. … furthermore states Biomechanists, Kinesiologists, and physiologists agree the core performs a substantial role movements and should not be disregarded, but should supplement not replace sports-specific training. However, the relationship between core stability and athletic performance is not quantified. Current literature does not explain how core strength relates to functional performance. Questions remain regarding the most important components of the core, role of sport specificity, and measurement of core stability for athletic performance. There appears to be a link between core stability tests and athletic tests; however, specific performance tests would better define and examine relationships to core stability. To completely understand the concept of core stability, it is imperative to understand individual muscle functions within overall coordinated movement. Future studies should determine specific sub-categories of core stability that allow optimal training and performance for individual sports.

Creating a standardised test, and subsequent findings could greatly impact sports performance and injury prevention, establishing basis for sport specific exercise prescription and identification of appropriate training for elite athletes.

Core stability trends have many coaches and athletes including core exercises in conditioning...

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