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Core Values Of The Air Force

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Earlier in March 2014 the senior leadership of the Air Force, to include the Secretary of the Air Force, the Chief of Staff, and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, made a statement to all airmen. They stated that “being an Airman is more than a job, when we voluntarily raised our right hands and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, we became members of the profession of arms”, they also said that along with our profession of arms we are given and accept a sacred trust given to us by the American people, that to be worthy of this trust we must “build our lives and shape our service on the foundation of our core values”, and that when Airmen fail to live up to our core values, the reputation of all who serve is tarnished” (letter to airman, Mar 2014). Recently, I was tasked to deliver a briefing for the J3 monthly training day. This tasking was a result of my negligence in updating a certain system that is vital to the J3 watch floor. My briefing, although filled with correct information and guidance, was also slaked with profanity and unprofessional gestures. Regardless of any circumstances that may have been the cause for these actions, the actions needed correction. Correction was given, which was responded to by more profanity and provoking actions. After I showed such disrespect to my non-commissioned officer in charge, he escorted me to my supervisor and my actions were made known to him. During this time I was still acting very contentious and disrespectful, making snide comments and standing with such contempt as if to say “are you done now”. This of course escalated into more serious action by my leadership which very well could have been avoided had I done my duty correctly in the first place. The corrective actions by leadership are understandable and respected. I recognize that my actions were unprofessional and uncalled for. I violated many Air Force standards which were outlined in AFI 36-2618 The Air Force Enlisted Structure. The first of which is in section 3.1.1. Accept and execute all duties, instructions, responsibilities, and lawful orders in a timely and efficient manner, this was reflected in my attitude and actions. Section 3.1.2. which is to detect and correct conduct and behavior that may place themselves or others at risk, which I did not do for myself and did not allow my leadership to do so. I truly violated and disregarded section, 3.1.5. which is to Exhibit professional behavior, military bearing, respect for authority, and high standards of dress and personal appearance, on- and off-duty.

Most importantly, I was not in line with section of AFI 36-2618 which makes known that one of the general responsibilities of a junior enlisted airman is to “Understand, accept, and demonstrate the Air Force Core Values and The Airman’s Creed.” I am the first to admit that my actions were in violation of the core values of the United States Air Force. As one considers The Air Force Core Values,...

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