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Corn And Politics The Numerous Benefits And Uses Of Corn

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A good percentage of the food in the supermarket is linked to a specific kind of plant. This vegetable, which has many uses, is corn. Since the beginning of the United States, corn has taken an important role in the development in the nation, meaning that without corn this nation would not be the same. When the Europeans came here, there were no real resources that they could exploit for the benefit of their survival. But then one can ask the question, how did the Native Americans survive before they were killed by the infectious viruses and diseases from the Europeans? Well, as simple as it can be, corn was one of the prime elements for their survival, it was one of their main agricultural products. The Europeans that came to the United States adopted corn as the ‘nations’ vegetable for future generations.
As a child, American culture had a great influence in the media in Colombia. When I will watch TV, most shows came from the United States. There was one show which was repeated constantly, this was Peanuts. One of the things that I remember is seeing in many episodes the use of corn in a cultural ways like parties such as thanksgiving, and agricultural ways, but what is interesting is that corn can also be a political symbol of this North American nation.
When I visit Pennsylvania or other states around New York, one of the things I see outside restaurants is corn, in this case, dry corn. When I eat around urban areas at small, typical, American restaurants, one of the only vegetables that are being served in the restaurants in great amounts is corn. In other words, corn is like the United States national vegetable. What is interesting is that many nations in the world can be recognized by a vegetable, a fruit or a product which they produce or consumed a lot. For instance, India is known for their use in curry in a great variety of foods, or Colombian is known for their production of coffee.
The United States is the greatest corn producer in the world. There are many farmers who dedicate themselves to the art of growing corn and of course other vegetables if they want to have some income. What is very surprising is that the cost of growing corn, which includes planting the seeds, watering, insecticides, is going to cost more money than the revenue it makes. No wonder that is why in the supermarkets you can get a couple of corns for a dollar, which is sort of ironic because in Latin American countries corn is kind of expensive. There are also some farmers who only grow corn, but the only way for them to have some income is for the government to give them some money.
In a recent study of the products in the supermarket more than a quarter of all products, being edible or cosmetics contain corn. This goes from foods like Twinkies, soda’s and fruit juice too toothpaste, cosmetics and things like trash bags and even...

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