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A total of 60 eyes were enrolled in the study. Thirty eyes of 22 patients were included in the vancomycin group, and 30 eyes of 19 patients in the cefuroxime group. Of these, 8 eyes were withdrawn from data analysis. Three eyes in the vancomycin group and 1 in the cefuroxime group were lost to follow-up due to unrelated adverse events or death. One eye in the cefuroxime group was withdrawn due to inability to analyze at least 150 endothelial cells in postoperative examinations. Three eyes were excluded because a different ophthalmic viscoelastic device was used during surgery. Table 1 shows the demographic characteristics of participants. There were no significant imblances in median age, gender, UCVA, refraction, BCVA, corneal pachymetry, IOP, ECD, coefficient of variation and hexagonality between patients randomized to either arm.

A significant increase in uncorrected and corrected visual acuity was observed in both groups 1 week after surgery. At 3 months, 100% of the eyes had improved BCVA. Preoperative and postoperative BCVA values were comparable between groups (P=.588, preoperatively; P=.268, 1 week; P=.124, 1 month; P=.589, 3 months). Anterior chamber inflammation gradually resolved in all patients within the first week after surgery. Aqueous cell count was significantly higher in the vancomycin group 24 hours after surgery (P

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