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History expands at the rate of time. What had happened just a second ago is already history. History, for me, opens wide the doors of perception. Ever since I was child, my grandfather and I would have profound conversations regarding the pertinence of historical events. I was the only grandchild who would love listening to his stories about World War II. Those shared experiences fostered my appreciation for history and developed my rationale. I have found this subject so captivating that I even got on Wikipedia and read hours’ worth of articles about historical figures and past wars simply to satisfy my fascination with history.

Through our understanding of history, we are granted power over the creation of our perspective, dependent only on our objective and subjective thoughts. You must first understand your roots in the past to understand yourself; to understand the present, and the way we live and why. The past gives the present its value. When you study history, you are not simply following a process. Instead, you are deciphering the meaning of the past by pondering the rationale and justifications of every action taken. Analyzing everything that has occurred throughout history enables us to learn from the mistakes that have been committed in the past, and grants us the ability to influence the outcome of our future.

Through history, we are able to understand all of the current diplomatic issues occurring around the world; we are able to understand what causes unjust scapegoating and terrorism. One day we might even be able to ameliorate these differences and end the hostility. From the records of our past, that are readily accessible, we will have the means to initiate change and stop the past from repeating itself. The beauty of history is that it is an open book; we can witness both the horrors and the miracles that came from our past.

Imagine all of the available information at my disposal at the Cornell University Library. My quest for knowledge of the world’s past will be realized, with the endless reservoir...

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