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A Cornell Box that would represent me would be a simple, yet very complex box. It would have items inside that represent me in their own unique ways. Ranging from small to large, simple to complex, literal to abstract. This Cornell box would represent who I am as a person, who I see myself as, and who I am in the world. The interpretation of each item inside and the box itself is up to the viewers, but I have my own intentions for each.
Starting from the outside, the box would be the first item that I would concern myself with since it would hold everything that represents who I am. The box would be quite simple. A brown cardboard box that you could find anywhere. The size wouldn't be large, it would be a small box about a foot or so in each dimension, to be exact. It would not be left alone just like that though. It would be cut slightly and made to resemble a laptop on the inside and a small home on the outside. The small size, in a way, represents several things, including what I think of myself. I am small compared to the rest of the world and I also think of myself of small in many ways. Although the box is small, it has many uses and can fit almost anywhere. Although I may not be an important figure in the world, I am unique in my own way and have my own set of skills. The laptop could be taken literally or abstractly. The laptop would symbolize my attachment to technology. It would also imply that I am knowledgeable in that area. Laptops are mostly for personal use and would symbolize how I am introverted and keep to myself. On the outside of the box, the resemblance to a house would symbolize my strong love and attachment to my home. It would also symbolize where I have existed and worked for my whole life. The rest of the box would be black for reasons to come.
There would be several items that would represent me. First is a simple pair of glasses. It would literally show that I have bad eye-sight, but it also represents so much more. The simplicity of my glasses would imply that I like to blend into the background and not stand out at all. The glasses would be silver and black, monochromatic, to be exact. Black diminishes readability when left by itself and leaves an air of mystery around things. I do not like people knowing much about myself and thus the color black is an excellent choice to represent me. Silver would represent the mix of “good” and “evil”. Black has a tendency to represent evil and darkness, while white represents goodness, light, and purity. Although without the darkness there is no light, and without the light there is no darkness. The mix of both colors would represent me well (or any “normal” human really), for without the “good” and “evil” in me, there is no “me”.
The second item that would represent me is a worn down mechanical pencil. If you take the literal meaning of the pencil, the interpretation could be something along the lines of a school girl or one who likes writing or education in general. The...

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