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While in high school, I watched a Biomedical lecture from Cornell University and recalled the professor saying that; “most people of today experience a greater life expectancy than that of people who lived during the 1800s and prior. I was astonished by this information and at that point came to grips with the magnitude of medical research and its pivotal contribution to helping us living longer and healthier. The professor then mentioned that most of the malicious diseases of that time are presently completely eradicated or curable. He also inferred that this progression in research and medicine is inevitable in nature and that we will continue to encounter new medical challenges and ultimately will overcome them through research or accidents. However, we are now experiencing one of the greatest medical challenges mankind have ever known, the cancer and HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has devastates the livelihood of many families all across this world. The continued proliferation and desolation created by both these diseases have made me for a long time very pessimistic about any possible breakthroughs, but after investigating the many pioneering researches undertaken within Cornell’s Engineering Department my mindset has completely transformed. Recently, Professor King and a team of graduate undergone cancer research that lead to chemical implosion (Apoptosis) of metastatic cancer cells; this break-through alone will revolutionize the way we treat certain types of cancers. This and many other researches undertaken by Cornell’s charismatic research community set this institution at the forefront of the fight against this epidemic, and because of my personal experiences and ideals, I long for the opportunity of being a part of such a community where I can make a crucial contribution towards the fight.Becoming a chemical engineer always meant that I have the chance to challenge constrains within my region, whether medical, technological or energy related, and at some point one desirous of such a career will start identifying areas where he or she can make a difference. Though I might not be able to embark on cancer research right...

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720 words - 3 pages doctor since I was in kindergarten, but I also love art and the peace and balance it brings to my life. The One-course-at-a-time calendar and programs like Dimensions, which are unique to Cornell, can help me reach my goal of going to Medical School while allowing me to follow my passion, art. After visiting the campus, staying overnight, sitting in on a class, and talking with an Admissions Counselor, I truly feel that Cornell College is a good fit for me and perfectly embodies the criteria I have striven to find in a College.

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